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P1030361I stopped by Motores Japoneses yesterday in Plaza Felipe Rodriguez specifically to look at a new line of cars that they are carrying.

Motores Japoneses is the selling arm of Suzuki in Panama. A few months ago they started selling the Great Wall and JAC products from China.

I spent the last few days researching the Great Wall on the Internet. This is a company that is on the move and they are putting money into their products to make them a world product.

While Motores Japoneses sells the vehicles, Felipe Rodiguez does the service in David and provides the showroom.

P1030366My focus on this visit was to take a look at the Chinese products, but I did take this photo of a new Suzuki that had just come in. Motores Japoneses carries a large selection of the Suzuki models.




Following are photos of the Great Wall pickup. The pickup has an Isuzu motor.


Here are some photos of the Great Wall Haval H5 SUV.


The Haval H5 uses a Mitsubishi Diesel engine. I was pretty impressed with the interior. It has an all leather and all the bells and whistles. The radio even had bluetooth to connect with your phone.

Here is a photo of the JAC car. The interior was also impressive on this car.


Here is the Great Wall Panama dealer website.

Here is the Panama JAC website.

Here is a review of the H5 in 2012. While it doesn’t get an outstanding review, it does get a respectable review.

The Chinese seem to be where the Japanese were 40 years ago and the Koreans were 20 years ago. The Chinese have proven they can build quality products,

I have seen Chinese cars and pickups being driven in David before, but this is the first time I have seen them in an actual dealership.



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13 thoughts on “Motores Japoneses

  1. I can’t agree with the sentence, “The Chinese have proven they can build quality products.” With the exception of porcelain sinks, the many Chinese products available here I have found to be universally shoddy.

  2. Bonnie, You obviously have not been looking at where the majority of the products in your house are manufactured. Look at your mixer, your iron, your clock. I would bet the PC you are writing on is built there. All Apple products are currently built there and they have the highest ratings for reliability out there. It all depends on the Manufacture’s name and what is being required of the factory.

  3. Hello Fellow Americans!,

    Visiting the homeland, land of rampant consumption and I still CHECK every label on the stuff I buy. I ALWAYS buy American whenever possible, even if the price is higher. I know, I know, complex machinery/products source parts from all over the world… I get it!
    However, I’d prefer to see my neighbor enjoying a LIVING wage than support slave labor overseas.

    I’m also aware that many US corps on US soil use prison labor pools to mfg their stuff. Sick, sad & true; the corporatists will exploit their own mothers to make a buck.
    Just saw here in the mid-Atlantic region, that the Chinese have purchased Armour products (hams, hot dogs, bacon etc-& gawd knows what else) for several billion USPesos..

    Of course, the article states, “all bargaining agreements will be upheld….” Right.

    Today, I’m painting with American made paint, using American manufactured brushes & naps, wearing American made flip flops (Okabashi brand) and carrying an American made lockblade (Kershaw brand)…

    Good Day!

  4. Don,
    I bought a Dong Feng minipanel from Grupo Q in David 5 years ago and have been rewarded with dependable basic transportation for 50,000 km. It has the original brakes and tires. It does not leak any fluids. I have replaced the A/C fan motor and the heat sending unit, both parts were Suzuki.

  5. I agree Ray. The other dealers need to pay attention, especially Toyota. If they continue to gouge on parts and repairs, many will consider other options. I would take the Haval H5 if I were looking for an SUV.

  6. OOPS, first mistake of the year (I made)….
    The company just purchased by the chinese in Virginia is SMITHFIELD HAM which makes all kinds of pork products like ham.

    I’m sure a pile of real estate is included. The world over, people are dumping USDollars like mad, ‘specially the Chinese… go figure.

    I’ll stick to chicken for now. LOL.

  7. Also, here’s another link that I had meant to post way back when you first wrote this article. It builds on your points about Chinese auto-manufacturers being where Korean car companies were 20 years ago. In this case the Chinese are looking to leverage existing brand (and technology) to help them make that leap quicker.

    On that note; not sure how many people realize that their luxury vehicle (Jaguar & Land Rover) are owned by Tata Motors, an Indian conglomerate.

  8. Thanks Daniel. It was a good article. If I had the money, I would buy one. However, I am about 3 years off from being able to buy anything. By then, no telling what they will be producing.

  9. I couldn’t read the article without a subscription, which I won’t sign up for. However, I am sure they have challenges. They have the backing of the Chinese government, so I doubt that money will be an issue. Innovation seems to be easy for the Chinese because most electronic gear for all cars is being made in Chinea and they are quite adapt in reverse engineering things.

    It will be interesting to watch.

  10. La santa madre iglesia recomienda comprar SUZUKI, ya que este distribuidor da el 50% de cada venta como limosna a la santa sede

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