Studying Scrivener

I have a few projects that will require more effort than what I typically put into my blog posts. I would call it doing some serious writing, however anyone that knows Chiriquí Chatter realizes that serious writing is not a forte of mine.

Blogging, for me at least, is just documenting what is going on in my life. The people I meet, the stores I visit, the technology I am using, the restaurants I visit and the flowers I smell all make up a portion of what winds up in Chiriquí Chatter.

Phase one of this project required furnishing my writing studio with a set of writing tools.

In the old days this might have been a desk, a comfortable chair in a secluded spot, a file to hold research, a good dictionary, a thesaurus, a pen and inkwell, and a perhaps a muse.

I replaced the pen and ink well with an Apple Macbook Air. It is a used 2011 model, but less taxing on my wallet. It allows me to do my writing in the most convenient location at the time.

It is light, fast, and integrates perfectly with the rest of my technology.

My current location is on the terrace looking at a beautiful view and listening to a melodic rain. I have some happy music playing on Pandora (Currently Guy Clark is strumming his guitar).

Fortunately , except for the physical setting and the laptop, I have filled all the other necessities with a single program called Scrivener. This is a marvelous program that works in both the Windows world and in the Apple OSX world. It was designed for the Apple, so the Windows version is currently a little less capable.

This product helps you organize your thoughts and your research material. It is more than a word processor, though it is good at that as well. It contains a spellchecker, a dictionary. thesaurus and much more. You can keep photos, videos, websites, an other materials in your research area.

This tool was recommended by a good friend of mine and this is my notification to her, that I am a believer. After I unpacked it, I realized that with all of its features, I needed a little study to get the most out of it.

The developer’s of Scrivener even thought about that. They included a tutorial and after completing it, a person should be ready to take the leap and create a project. Today, I went through 2/3 of the tutorial and I thought I would take a break and tell you what I have been doing today.

I also took some time out and took some photos that will appear in a post soon.

I know that mentioning photos will keep all my male readers checking back.

I am still hoping to find my muse. The closest I have come up with so far is Natalie. Every morning, when she sees me she says, “Have you started writing yet?”.

I tell her I am still getting set up. Maybe that is a typical problem with engineers.

She gets more emphatic and says, “Quit goofing off and start writing”. Yes, I need to find a more amusing muse.

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