Color Me Lucky

I was just thinking how lucky I am. I could not live in a better climate or in a more friendly neighborhood.

On most mornings, when we go for our morning walk, we pick up an avocado or mango that has fallen to the ground and is just asking for it to be saved before the birds find It.

Our year old papaya tree is producing more papayas than we can eat. We now have two other papaya trees growing.

We have over 20 pineapples growing in the back yard. We have had several watermelons act like they were going to grow. I am still waiting for a good one.

I have about five projects I am working on. I can have three new project created by just opening my morning emails.

I am never bored. If I were to become bored, I could read one of the 30 some books I have stored on my iPad. I am considering canceling all of the extra channels I have on cable. I am not watching TV enough to justify the expense.

I have no less than 5 excursions planned and haven’t found the time to take any of them. Life is good.

The best thing is that if I don’t finish a task or read a book or do what ever was planned today, I always have tomorrow. After my recent physical, it sounds like I still have a fair number of tomorrows in the future.

Today Dario asked if I could help him with some conversational practice with two of his students. Totally unplanned, but I was there and happy to help.

It was interesting because both students were from Northern Spain and lived in cities close to each other, but had never met before joining Dario’s English lessons.

Both had husbands that were supporting Panama hydroelectric projects. It is such a small world. I had a great time talking to them. My day just seems to abound with interesting things to do.

Did I mention that I love my life? It just doesn’t get any better than this

4 thoughts on “Color Me Lucky

  1. Happy Memorial Don and the rest of you military retirees, thank you.

    Now, you couldnt have said it better Don, life is wonderful. I just lost a lime tree in my yard and am so missing them. lol I love all the fresh fruits on my walks also. lol Have a great day, you earned it.

  2. I am still rather new to the retired Panama lifestyle. My military days are not that far removed. I really love Panama and want to make it an even better place for everyone.

  3. .”…..soooo, what do you do with yourself down there Panama? ” ( I always get a bang outta that one). Our schedule is like yours…and all of it is “optional”. Are we blessed or what?

  4. You are making me anxious to come home! I’m having a fabulous time with my family in the US, but it will be good to come back to Panama.

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