7 thoughts on “A Little Shaking Going On This Morning / 5.6

  1. Rattled us pretty good here near Baru Volcano. I don’t want this to wake it up either.

  2. Great, whew. I emailed and told several friends about this right away as it shook me out of bed a few minutes before 5Am. My buddies in Dolega didnt even believe me, 3 of them. They didnt feel it. I said this is not my imagination or a 18 wheeler driving close on the rikity detour route and I get up before the host of dam self-important roosters next door but this shaker even beat me to that. I love being right but not because other people arent light sleepers. Good thing my bed is in a corner I would have fallen out . Thanks for this validating post. hahahaha.

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