A Small Amount of Time At the David Fair

I bet you thought I would never get around to posting the time I spent at the David Fair last March 15th, 2013.

I really wasn’t certain if I would make it to the fair this year or not. I almost cooked last year and I told myself I would never go to the fair before 5pm the next time if I went.

While I was still wondering what I would do this year, I received an Invitation to attend an inaugural event for Petroautos. It was going to be at 7pm and have food catered by Cuatro. Sounded like a plan to me.

We arrived around 6:15 and entered the fair. Since the event wasn’t scheduled until 7PM, I had time to spend walking around and taking photos.

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I was passing the Toyota exhibit and it looked like they were going to uncover a car, I assumed it was a new model. Maybe I would have time to drop by later. I did have time to take a couple photos of some lovely Toyota ladies.

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Ok, more to see. I was passing another exhibit and an attractive young lady started pitching some resorts around Playa Blanca. She said if I entered, I could get a free stay for just a few minutes of my time.

Now this isn’t my first time around the block. I have heard almost all pitches to trick you into spending money all under the pretense of something free. I said I wasn’t interested. She insisted and said she was a DavidTourism student and would get credit for anyone she got to listen to the pitch.

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I looked at my watch and said, it is 6:30. I will give you thirty minutes of my time and at 7:00, I am leaving whether you have completed or not. She agreed and showed me to a table and introduced me to another lady that was going to talk to me.

Once again, I said to be clear, you have until 7:00 and then my time will have run out. No problem, they said they would be done. It was not about 6:35.

The spiel began. I was asked my profession, how much I spent on vacations, what I like to do on vacations, … Much of the information I considered none of their business, but I played along with the game.

At about 6:50 another lady sat down and started talking. By now, my patience is starting to grow thin. I informed the 3rd lady that at 7:00pm I was going to leave to go to a previous engagement, and if there was a end part to this conversation, we needed to get there soon.

At about 6:58 she called over a gentleman who must have played the part of the “closer” and he started to talk. I told him it was nice to meet him, but my time had run out and I had to leave. He looked stunned.

I had heard enough of the pitch to have a feeling what was to come and their use for my money and my use for my money were not lining up. As 7:00 appeared on my watch, I was walking toward the door and had wasted 30 minutes of time that could have been better spent. Oh well.

With that I headed back to the Petroautos area. I knew I would be a little early because nothing starts at the specified time in Panama. Still it was better to be where I could take some photos, have a cool refreshing drink and listen to music.

I even had time to get my photo taken with these two delightful young ladies. Ah to be 28 again!


I took a photo of this new model that was on display. I am talking about the one on the right. Boy oh boy, I do like car shows.

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The Cuatro appetizers were great as always. I managed to have several of each.


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Mayra Castrellón, of 24/7, was the emcee and the person that had invited me to the event.

I was not aware that Petroautos had started its Hyundai dealership in Chiriquí 25 years ago. I also was not aware that they currently rank #1 in auto sales in Panama. They have grown a lot since I have lived here and their expansion in the David dealership is evidence of that fact.

Certainly the Hyundai styling is creating quite a challenge for the other manufactures selling in Panama.

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Carlos Abadia Petroautos, General Manager David, and Raul Abadia, Petroautos Commercial Vice President, both thanked the residents in Chiriqui for their tremendous support of their products and said the products and service would continue to improve.

The press had many opportunities to take photos of the David staff.

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Entertainment for the 25 year celebration was provided by Grupo Karey. I took a video to give you an idea of the what we got to enjoy that evening. If you want to have them at your next outing, contact Alejandro Lezcano at this phone number 6525-2330.

As I was leaving the fair, I passed the main stage. OK. It called for one last photo.

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