Life is Good!

I spent most of the day yesterday with my headphones on listening to Spotify. The part I enjoyed the most was when I put it on a “Peter, Paul and Mary” setting. All music played from some of the best years of my life.

I got absorbed in the lyrics. When I closed my eyes I could almost picture what I would have been doing when I first heard the tunes.

Periodically I would open my eyes and be brought back to the present. What was interesting was that I realized I am just as happy today as I was then. Older, not necessarily wiser, but surrounded by joys I would not have imagined I would be enjoying at this stage of my life.

The “Proof of Life” post that I did the other day has to be considered a success. I feel the notice has been received and is being discussed, which was my objective in the first place.

It also made me realize how fortunate I am to be enjoying life here in Panama and not back in the US in the rat race that occupied so much of my life. I am living a dream that many in this world never get to live.

I am thankful every day for the influences that persuaded me to investigate retiring here. I am surrounded by positive people. I have the opportunity to still contribute, and never have a boring day. Life is good!

Today I will leave Panama City and I will head back to David. When I open the door I will be greeted by Koki and she will give me a welcome as only she can. I am sure Natalie will be happy to have Lilliam and I return also, but her tail won’t wag as much.

I thought I would drop you this short note before I leave. As you read this, take a few moments and count your own blessings. I think we all have more to be thankful for than we ever acknowledge.

Take another moment and tell those in your life that you are happy that they have chosen to spend this time of your life with you. I don’t do that enough and this reminder is for me as well.

Today is a great day to pass out smiles. They are cheap and are always make others feel better. No doubt you will receive many smiles in return.

Next week I will provide a little more information on my time in Panama City. It just doesn’t get better than this.

11 thoughts on “Life is Good!

  1. Strange that you should mention PP&M.
    Found a youtube mix the other day that contains some of their best work – especially the BBC broadcasts from 1966.
    By the time the mix was done, however, my wife was exclaiming “I’m so sick of Peter, Paul, and Mary!”

  2. Saw Peter Paul and Mary in Austin TX in 1967. I came to Panama on a whim and I love Panama and the people. I asked if there was something I could do in retirement and I am swamped by some really great folks. I may be too busy to do those things I need to do in my own life. All in all, life is great in paradise.

  3. I am definitely happier now than when I first heard PP&M in the ’60’s. Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the US, and the kids brought the grands over to play out back all day. They are all so lively and bright, how can one not be thrilled with them around.
    In the 60’s I was just starting out, no idea where I was going. This is much better. 🙂

  4. Just about to ask the same question as Joseph. I tried on my Mac to get Spotify & also get the message that they currently do not have authority to transmit in Panama. Dang!

  5. Maybe it is because I established my connection initially with a US ip address. I have no problem connecting anywhere in Panama.

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