Mojito in the Morning

I have been spending mornings in front of International Hotel Suites in David.

IMG_0195IMG_0194They have a restaurant called Mojitos and since I am writing in the mornings, I thought I would see if Hemingway’s morning pick-me-up would improve my writing.

10:30 AM is a little early for a mojito, but to test my theory I ordered one. Now mint for a mojito doesn’t get any fresher than this. Picked right beside the outdoor table I was sitting at.

Mighty tasty. Not sure it helped my writing, but my outlook on life was a little more frisky afterwards.

If you drop into Mojitos, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

2 thoughts on “Mojito in the Morning

  1. fantastic!!! you duh man don ray! a friend of ours owns a bar/restaurant in pc. he hates making mojitos & more $$ in selling beers. his place is called ‘mojitos sin mojitos’!

  2. Based on the image to the right, the “focus” of your attention was not on keyboarding. 🙂

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