Monthly Archives: April 2013

Some people have 18 bumper stickers, because they don’t know which one holds the car together.

Midnattsol Photography Photo Shoot

The other day, I posted a couple photos of my granddaughter Kayley in a photo shoot.

Today, my daughter sent me the following link to Midnattsol Photography, which has more from the shoot. The Facebook album for Midnattsol Photography is HERE. Have a look and pick your favorite.

A sample photo is below.


I am overwhelmed. I may be a little prejudice, but I think they could not be much better.

By the way, she can sing too.

Just saw a bottle of Smart Water was $2. Drank from a fountain like an idiot.

Regional Hospital Visit Today

Just a quick note. I went to the Regional Hospital today to get a Privacy Act Waver signed. They are doing renovations there and parking is EXTREMELY limited. When I got to the parking area (which is only along the street) a hospital official told me there was no parking.

I was lucky and found a small spot and ignored him. I am passing this on incase any are going to try to do blood donations in the near future. Until they get their act together, you may have a longer than usual walk. And don’t think you can park in the back. The entire drive way to the back was blocked.

An onion just told me a joke. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

I’ve completely lost my will to live. Sorry, did I say “live”? I meant “work”.

The more police mugshots I see, the more I think police stations should have a Hair & Make-Up department.