Restaurante El Golazo in David

Apparently this Peruvian restaurant has been here a few years, but it was just last month that a friend of mine took me there. While I didn’t take a photo of the menu, I thought all prices were reasonable.

Here are couple photos taken out front and one on the inside. Use this Google map to find the restaurant.

DSC00824 DSC00825 DSC00826

Everyone enjoyed their meals. One thing I didn’t try was a Pisco Sour. An error on my part.

It is also on my list of restaurants to return to. If you drop in, tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter. An album of all dishes tried follows. Eat your hearts out, or better yet, drop in and eat your fill. By the way, I enjoyed my fried ice cream for dessert (the last photos).

5 thoughts on “Restaurante El Golazo in David

  1. I went there and was Very dissapointed. The food was not fresh. And the owner argued with us and even asked us to leave! Unbelievable!!!

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