Counting My Blessings and Wasting time

I have no less than five posts with photos that back up into March that I have not gotten around to posting. However, residing in the world of mañana sort of makes it easy to fall into that pattern.

I have been busy, but can’t point to much that gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Still I feel lucky to be where I am and doing (little as it is) what I am doing. Were I in the US, I most likely would be worried about any number of things – all related to money.

I have attacked a few technical projects. I have been able to sort through some of my computer files and get them better organized. This is necessary for a couple projects I want to get to when the mañana symptoms lessen.

I think I had mentioned that I had picked up a Macbook Air that I am integrating into my life. This week, besides beginning the file organizing, I set up a file sharing and printer sharing capability between my Macbook Air and my Mac Mini. The Mini has my real storage capability and is the one that is constantly backed up, and it also is where my printer is connected.

Now I can sit in the terrace, as I am now, listen to the gentle rain, enjoy the coolness of the afternoon and write in a less confined space. The rainy season is at our doorstep and David is turning into the place I love this time of year. I can get my mandatory tasks done in the morning, take a dip in the pool and read on the terrace in the afternoon.

I have continued to read, as I mentioned in a previous post, with the hope that some other’s talent in writing might enter into my body as if by osmosis. Not sure that is happening, but I am enjoying the process and it is being an enabler in my mañana attitude.

I have not turned on the news since the Boston bomber was captured. I can’t handle the continued analysis of what was done wrong by whom and when. I can’t believe these people get paid to state the obvious. At any rate, it pushes me away from the TV and makes reading a book delightful.

I am currently reading a book called Open Season on my iPad. One of the best things I did was to buy a set of Klipsch earbuds a couple years ago.

Now I just open Spotify or Pandora, pick some good background music and really immerse myself into reading. This afternoon, I had Pandora on an Easy Listening station. It added to the environment of the book’s setting. The earbuds quality are better than listening to big speakers.

So while I was reading, I got to thinking how lucky I am. I am getting to live a life that many my age would die to have in the US. I have no pressure to do this or that on any schedule other than one I impose on myself.

I have the benefit of great friends around me. I never miss a meal or worry about the electric bill being paid. I do have the annoyance of my eye that I am still waiting to get seen, but I know it will be get done when it gets done.

The birds that are whistling in the trees may be as carefree as me. I have one bird that visits me every morning and he entertains me by taking dips in the pool. He sits on the railing and then flies down, hits the water and goes back to his perch. He spreads his wings, whistles some more than takes another pass.

I really love my live. It just doesn’t get better than this.

6 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings and Wasting time

  1. Hi Don, I have always believed that you get out of life what you put into it. I am glad to see you enjoying life as it was meant to be enjoyed, especially in retirement. You and Lilliam need to plan a trip to our farm when we return in July so you can have another story to write up. 😉
    Buena suerte mi amigo.

  2. Don, Which version of “Open Season” are you reading? Out of curiosity, I checked Amazon and there are at least four books by that title listed. Who’s the author of the version that you’re reading?

  3. Right, thanks, Don, but I meant what’s the name of the author? If you check Amazon, you’ll see that there are several books, all with the same title, “Open Season”, but apparently several different people wrote different books, all with the same title…

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