Gelato Pacifico Still Churning

Keeping to my practice of treating myself to some tasty ice cream following a Regional Hospital visit, today I tried a Ron con Mora.



I have had a couple people email me and ask if Gelato Pacifico was still there because they couldn’t find it. Well I don’t know where they looked, because it is in the same place in the food court at Chiriquí Mall.

Here is a Google Map.

5 thoughts on “Gelato Pacifico Still Churning

  1. I´ve tried going there a couple of times after dinner at the Pizza Pit (Philly Cheese Steak) & before catching a movie but alas have struck out each time since they had closed for the evening. Hopefully one of these times we´ll get a chance to try it out. Looks good!

  2. is there an email contact for Gelato Pacifico? I am looking into starting a gelato shop in another Panama location and could really use some help in locating equipment, service for the equipment and supplies. Will be visiting soon.


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