Do You Have A Request

I, along with the other Wardens, for the U.S. Embassy in Panama will be attending a meeting at the Embassy in Panama City, the second week of May.

Part of the time will be spent in a training session, but most likely there will be an opportunity to express the needs, concerns, etc of U.S. citizens living in Panama.

If you have an issue that you would like raised, feel free to drop me or one of the other Warden’s an EMAIL and it will be raised in the meeting, if possible and if time permits.

4 thoughts on “Do You Have A Request

  1. I want to know what is Panama going to do when the US currency becomes worthless. What are Americans in Panama doing when the Social Security stops coming? They won’t have an answer to those questions at all.

  2. Sorry Ross, I don’t think those are questions I will bring up. Now if you want to know if there is anything that U.S. Citizens can do to request that Medicare be a usable system for U.S. Citizens living outside the U.S., then I will bring it up.

    Also if you have a serious request, then I insist it be sent by email.

  3. Charlotte, I have no idea what that means. Let me be more specific. If there are any ¨SERIOUS¨requests pertaining to problems U.S. citizens have here that might possibly be able to be improved, then I will take those questions. AGAIN BY EMAIL.

    Since this appears to be a topic that I am beginning to regret having posted. I am closing comments. You have my email on the blog.

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