Feeling my way around

I had a visit with Dra. Ines of Optica Metro yesterday. Over the last two weeks, my vision in my left eye has gone downhill.

She confirmed my suspicions and wrote up the information for an Ophthalmologist who should be here from Panama City next week. I will call and get an appointment.

In the meantime, this is greatly limiting my driving and other activities.

13 thoughts on “Feeling my way around

  1. Glaucoma? mine went much worse last year…

    had both my eyes done in nov and dec..now see pretty well, much better
    than before, not even using glasses doing this, best of luck to You Don!

  2. Thank you for sharing. Please don’t drive around now. You will be driving like everyone else. You know blind and don’t care. Our prayers go out to you.

  3. Could be so many causes. Several years ago the vision on my right eye deteriorated rapidly. It was worrisome since I’d gotten a new prescription a couple of weeks earlier. Went through all kinds of eye tests at the optometrist’s office. No clue. Then he decided to take my BP. It was sky high! So high it was actually changing the shape of the eye and hence the vision in that eye. A few days later, when the BP meds started doing their job my vision returned to normal. Well, as normal as someone wearing glasses has.

  4. Hi Don: I hope your condition is not classified as AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration). If it is, I hope it is not the Wet variety. If you need a specialist in that area I can recommend a Dra. Karla Ng Gonzalez of Clinica de Retina & Vitero, Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama City, (507) 396-8081.
    I will pray for you, best of luck.

  5. Hi Kathy, First I went to Dra Ines and mentioned above in Optica Metro to let her take a quick look. Then she has recommended me seeing a Dr. Dam who comes down from Panama City. He is an associate of Dr. Young who I saw several years ago and who sent me to Panama City for the intensive eye exam. She said in this case she recommended Dr. Dam because he spoke very good English and was very direct when explaining the problem. He offices with Dr. Young in Mae Lewis.

    He won’t be here until a week from this Saturday and I will need to make an appointment next Wednesday.

  6. Hey Don,
    I saw Dra. Adriano Young J. last week and I’m scheduled for another appointment tomorrow. Then we get the cataracts done. I feel very comfortable with him though my Spanish is horrid. I am looking (pun intended) forward to new eyes and vision. I hope your situation get resolved soon.

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