Abused Dog Needs A Good Home

I received the following for posting.

To Chiriqui Chatter…
Can you please post this, Help needed to find Good home for Abused Dog.
This adorable little girl showed up at my house this past Saturday, and has since seen DR. Sam in David. He informed me the open gash on her neck, is from someone pouring scalding hot water on her, her left hind leg is broken and will require surgery. She’s being treated for anemia, result of flea and worms and she has a broncial infection.
Through it all, she is being an absolute sweetheart…or as I’ve been saying..”Angel”.
Some very generous people are offering to help with financial support for the surgery but I would love to find her a good loving home. She deserves it.

Contact – monikarmartyn @ gmail.com For more information.


4 thoughts on “Abused Dog Needs A Good Home

  1. how big of a dog is she,i already have two female dogs but one more would not be a problem

  2. Hi David..she is really like a small version of a medium sized dog.
    She is absolutely adorable and gentle, and getting along well with my other dog(Girl)
    Although she does need lots of medical attention right now, she’s been really easy to look after.
    My phone is 6918 9929…
    Thank you for your interest

  3. Monika, please let me know if she is adopted so I can update her status on Pets Want Homes.

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