Boquete Meeting related to Cell Towers in El Santuario

I received a request to post the following.

Hi Don:

I wondered if you’d please post the following about an important meeting in Boquete tomorrow, April 16.

The subject is a planned 50-70 foot cell tower in the heart of El Santuario. If successful, this will be the second one pushed on our small community by outside interests.

The meeting will be at Villa Marita at 4:30 p.m. The agenda will be to discuss various options open to us to successfully oppose this project and to prepare for a meeting with the mayor and city council. We are circulating a petition and will have that available for people to sign. We will also have packets of information and an update on actions taken thus far.

We’re asking that people from all parts of Boquete attend this meeting. Although the current problem is in El Santuario and proximate neighborhoods, there is no limit to the number of other neighborhoods that may have to contend with this same problem in the future. Standing with El Santuario today will help all of Boquete tomorrow.

For more information, please contact Keith Cline at 720-2523, 6682-3030, or
Thanks, Don!

4 thoughts on “Boquete Meeting related to Cell Towers in El Santuario

  1. Seems like a very large knee jerk reaction to a 40 foot small tower being placed to review Internet. There is NO cell phone tower. How about some FACTS

  2. The owner of the property on which this “tower” is to be installed is not in town to defend or define his interest in this. I hope he has someone to represent him at this meeting.

  3. There is a malicious smear campaign against Planet Telecom and Mr. Huber in Boquete. Reasons are unknown, but the originators are using falsehoods and scare tactics in their effort to stop the installation of a 40′ internet antennae in a private back yard. IT IS NOT a cell tower and presents NO HEALTH RISKS. See a discussion of this topic at

  4. Seems to be a couple of different issues here, a 50-70 foot cell tower, and a 40 foot tower to install a transceiver for private internet use?

    I am wondering it the opposition is to the beginnings of an antenna farm like the old suburban neighborhoods of the 60s/70s. Boquete scenery is one of its selling points for the tourist trade, a landscape full of towers and antennas would not be good for business.

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