A Scent of Heather in the Morning

We were up early to go to the airport. I had to get one photo of Heather before we left. I contacted Nora (Paradise Services) when Heather’s flight took off and Nora contacted me when it arrived in Panama CIty.

I asked Heather what she was going to do while she was waiting for her afternoon flight. She was going to grade student’s homework. She has two classes that she is teaching. One class has 170 students and in that class she has no assistant. Insane!.

There was a scent of Heather in the air this morning. Now Heather is absent.

We look forward to her return.

3 thoughts on “A Scent of Heather in the Morning

  1. Not sure if this is the right way or venue to say this, but I am a certified secondary math teacher who is moving into Boquete next month. I have been sailing around the world as a merchant marine but if she needs an assistant, I would love to help. I simply will have nothing much to do with my time. I love kids but my Spanish is deficient. I am working on that.

  2. Thanks Ross. First she will need to get her grant to be able to come for her extended visit to Panama. I have committed to help her while she is here, but it is always good to have a backup.

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