I Hear Gringos Opens Today


It is located on the right as you drive to the Frontera, prior to Bugaba. I will post a Google Map eventually.

If you try it before me, let me know if it is worth the drive. Also let me know if it is open Sundays.

Sooner or later I will get there. I just my expectations aligned!

14 thoughts on “I Hear Gringos Opens Today

  1. The food was great and the cheerful dining room that overlooks the rito is air conditioned.
    Gary, the owner and his wife, Laura, are friendly and helpful. He described the menu as a combination of California, Mexico and Tex-Mex. I ordered chicken enchiladas which were delicious and served with beans and Mexican rice, lettuce and tomatoes. The serving was generous; I couldn’t quite finish it.
    It is thirteen miles west of Price Mart on the Interamerican; the signs are large and you can’t miss the big water wheel out front.
    Hours are from 10-8, every day except Sunday when the restaurant is closed.
    Definitely worth the drive, Don.
    Carol K.

  2. I just got back from lunch at Gringos (now 2:48, but long wait for bus at El Cruce de Boqueron to get me up the hill). Gringos is NOT Mrs. Mendoza’s thank the Lord for small favors. I had a margarita to start off and then ordered the chicken enchiladas. The portion was sizeable and well presented. The beer, except for Corona (brewed in one of the most polluted cities on the face of the planet) come in cans. The food was tasty and there are a couple of items on the menu I want to try out at another date. I did NOT ask for the discount on what was a rather pricey meal for Panama but certainly a decent lunch price for the States.

    Gary said that “for now,” their hours will be from “about 11 until 7:30ish.”

  3. I haven’t been to Chiriqui recently so haven’t had a chance to try the new Gringos, but I can certainly vouch for the high quality and real Mexican authenticity of the Gringos in Bocas!

  4. Thank’s to everyone for posting your comments regarding Gringo’s Restaurant. We have only been open for six days, we are feeling our way around the area and the customer base… We closed this past Sunday, however, we think our customers might be better served if we opened Sunday….please let us know your thoughts. Our food is fresh and cooked from scratch… Thank you again for your comments-Laura and Gary

  5. Hi Gary, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I would like to have another option available for Sundays. However, it is the quality of the food that keeps the restaurant on the lists of restaurants considered on Sundays. What I have seen many restaurants do is run every day for a month or so, at least until they are certain that everyone know that it is open. Then they determine which day to eliminate.

    I look forward to getting there in the next week or so.

  6. My wife and I had lunch Tuesday at Gringos restaurant in Bugaba. The setting is wonderful, air conditioning inside and covered seating next to the river outside. The food was fabulous, fresh, flavorful and well presented in a timely manner. We highly recommend a visit here for a memorable meal!
    Rod and Diana

  7. Gary…sounds as though you have another great restaurant going..you deserve another restaurant success! Please let us hear from you, it’s been too long!!
    Love you brother…Jann & Alexandria

  8. Are you saying that the latest Gringo’s restaurant is now closed?? I’m just trying to find my brother, Gary as I haven’t heard from him in months which is rare. If you have any info I would very much appreciate it.
    Thank you, Jann Arganbright

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