Dengue Trap

I don’t know if this works yet because I haven’t tried it, but I saw this on one of the blogs that I follow this morning. How to make a Dengue Trap.

Dengue is a large problem in Panama and I always worry about getting it. For those moving to Panama that have never heard of Dengue, you can read more about it HERE.



3 thoughts on “Dengue Trap

  1. I’ve read about it last month. Haven’t tried it yet. Sounds interesting and woth trying. What mark has been doing is spraying the walls outside and inside with a safe product used by U.Nations in Africa to control mosquitoes. In addition to mosquitoes, it also kills other insects. It lasts 6 months. Most mosquitoes land on the walls, but there is percentage that doesn’t, so it would be a great idea to use this trap to get those that do not land on the walls.

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