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Connecting the Dots

Daily ViewsRecently Chiriquí Chatter hit some record daily highs for number of views. The majority of these views came because of two sources. The first source (and the largest number of referrals) came from a site named JALOPNIK.

Patrick George, of JALOPNIK, had called me from the US wanting to talk to be about a company I had previously written up by the name of Super Replicas. He interviewed me by phone and included the interview in his article for JALOPNIK.

Today, I noticed I was getting hits from the Bananama Republic, who had done some research in the Panama public records related to Super Replicas. Bananama Republic was following up on a previous article which referenced the JALOPNIK article.

Bananama Republic connected the dots between Daniel John Seppings who was listed as a director of Super Replicas and Tony Sinclair who had given me the tours of the Super Replicas “facilities” in David.

DJS Indeed, the photo that Bananama Republic included (of Daniel John Seppings) was the person that represented himself to me as Tony Sinclair. The photo is a younger version, but no question, that is the fellow I talked to.

I wonder why the director of a reputable business would represent himself by a different name? I probably can answer my own question.

The Bananama Republic included a large amount of material on Daniel John Seppings that is easily obtained from the Internet once you know to Google Daniel John Seppings. The Super Replicas, Daniel John Seppings, Tony Sinclair saga is material that could make a novel.

So it looks like some of the dots have been connected. However, I bet there are a few dots that haven’t even been discovered.

I forgot To tell You This

The other day I was in Banco Nacional and there were a couple old gentlemen talking while waiting in line to collect their checks. One was 103 and the other was 106.

I just remembered it this morning, when I was talking to my uncle in Oklahoma who will turn 97 in May. I told him he couldn’t let these Panamanians out do an Oklahoman.

My uncle is still driving out to the farm every week though and while the two gentlemen were walking, I doubt that they were driving at 97.

It is great to see people as old as this that still have all their faculties about them.

What A Great Day!

Friday, Lilliam and I had lunch with our good friend Marion. Marion and several others have been telling me that if I was in Boquete, I should try Big Daddy’s Restaurant and that is where we met.

I will post Big Daddy’s in a separate post.

We spent two hours at Big Daddy’s enjoying the food, the fresh lemonade and great companionship. Time spent with good friends goes all too fast.

As I said before, I will try to get the photos of the meal in Big Daddy’s posted soon. Seems like I can’t get caught up.

Friday was such a great day. I even bumped into the lovely Mary Bender and her husband as I was leaving Big Daddy’s.

On our way out of Boquete, we delivered about 20 books to the Boquete library.

Of course one place I always try to stop at, when I go to Boquete, is Pasteleria Alemana (Marianne¡s Cafe). I always go for a strawberry tart and a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

I can never afford to get more than one bad of chocolate chip cookies because they seem to disappear within minutes of opening. But they are so GOOD!

With the road constriction going on, you have to watch to make sure you don’t pass the pasteleria. Look for the following sign on your right as you leave Boquete.


You will find all sorts of cakes and pies and cookies. Here is a photo of the strawberry tart I always get. I have mine with fresh whipped cream. YUM!


Remember, if you stop in, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

On the way back to David, there was a complete stoppage in Dolega. The road was closed for construction. We had to turn around and head back toward Boquete and take a road around Dolega. UGH! It will be a real blessing if they ever finish that construction.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. I really enjoyed our outing. What a great day. It just doesn’t get better than this.

I adopted a rescue dog.
He rescues food from the table, socks from the laundry, trash from the bin and shoes from the closet…

I’m at that age where I’m ready to settle down with strangers from the Internet.

I’ve lost my mind and I’m pretty sure my kids took it.

In The Works

I plead guilty to not attending the Cabalgata the other day. My neighbor was loading up his horse and I did see him in his full parade outfit and should have taken a photo.

I did make it to the David Fair and am working on the photos I took there. I also made a short video that I would like to post and have not done one on a Mac before, so I am still feeling my way along in that process.

I will show you one photo I took and maybe it will keep your interest up so you will continue watching for the future post.

I’m not an astronomer, but I’m pretty sure the Earth revolves around the sun and not you.

Pizza Hut Weekday Special

We have stopped into Pizza Hut for their weekday special a couple times recently.

For $5 you get your choice of several personal sized pizzas, some garlic bread, a salad or a soup and a tea or soda.

Really a good bargain. I usually go for a combination pizza and potato soup. I will add that this is the best potato soup in David. Nice chunks of potato, plenty of bacon and cheese. Today’s order follows.


All mothers have intuition. Great mothers have radar.