I forgot To tell You This

The other day I was in Banco Nacional and there were a couple old gentlemen talking while waiting in line to collect their checks. One was 103 and the other was 106.

I just remembered it this morning, when I was talking to my uncle in Oklahoma who will turn 97 in May. I told him he couldn’t let these Panamanians out do an Oklahoman.

My uncle is still driving out to the farm every week though and while the two gentlemen were walking, I doubt that they were driving at 97.

It is great to see people as old as this that still have all their faculties about them.

10 thoughts on “I forgot To tell You This

  1. They road their horses to town and then hiked the rest of the way to the bank, sin duda.

  2. My Panamanian Abuela just turned 104. She has never worn glasses, is just starting to have trouble with her hearing, still gets around with a cane and always recognizes me and my husband when we visit. How amazing is she!!!

  3. Well congratulations to her too. Maybe it is something in the water.

    I will bet you a dollar that she knows both of the gentlemen too.

  4. No GMO’s in their food. Genetically modified food did not hit the market until the earlier 2,000’s.

  5. Good food, strong family and community ties, happiness (remember Panama was #1 in the Gallup pole), staying active, to mention a few things here that can contribute to health and long life. But going to the bank at 103 and 106? Good for them!

  6. My father, a Panamanian, had enphisema (COPD) since he was 50 (heaviy smoker). He died at 85 (a record with that type of disease). He walked miles every day, even with his respiratory deficiency which I think helped. His brother died at 95 because his pacemaker was 45 yrs old. they couldnt replace it because when it was placed, one of the wires got in his heart (hook shaped) and it was in a very dangerous position. It happened that there was no battery for it (discontinued) and too old for surgery. so, the dr. managed to place another battery successfully and just waited to see how long it would last. He died of bone cancer, not the heart. for 50 years, they both walked miles to see each other every single day, to have cup coffee, meet their childhood friends and chat. their adivse to us: walk, eat healthy and have strong family ties. My husband (american) always said to me: why is your family so close to each other? You see each other almost every day and talk on the phone every day. I said: this keeps us alive. we feel loved, and needed in a way or another. My father and uncles were surrounded by his grand kids all the time and doctors said that kept them alive and they would say the same. we have a family gathering every 3 years, so great grand children meet and know who they relate to. Members travel from all over the country and the world to meet here in Panama.

  7. Yesterday, Mark and I went to the Feria and while looking at the cattle, Mark commented how healthy peacefull they looked. Of course, he said, they are not sitting in ther poop to the waist, so they don’t need as much antibiotics and other trash. they get to walk too (less saturated fat).

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