Connecting the Dots

Daily ViewsRecently Chiriquí Chatter hit some record daily highs for number of views. The majority of these views came because of two sources. The first source (and the largest number of referrals) came from a site named JALOPNIK.

Patrick George, of JALOPNIK, had called me from the US wanting to talk to be about a company I had previously written up by the name of Super Replicas. He interviewed me by phone and included the interview in his article for JALOPNIK.

Today, I noticed I was getting hits from the Bananama Republic, who had done some research in the Panama public records related to Super Replicas. Bananama Republic was following up on a previous article which referenced the JALOPNIK article.

Bananama Republic connected the dots between Daniel John Seppings who was listed as a director of Super Replicas and Tony Sinclair who had given me the tours of the Super Replicas “facilities” in David.

DJS Indeed, the photo that Bananama Republic included (of Daniel John Seppings) was the person that represented himself to me as Tony Sinclair. The photo is a younger version, but no question, that is the fellow I talked to.

I wonder why the director of a reputable business would represent himself by a different name? I probably can answer my own question.

The Bananama Republic included a large amount of material on Daniel John Seppings that is easily obtained from the Internet once you know to Google Daniel John Seppings. The Super Replicas, Daniel John Seppings, Tony Sinclair saga is material that could make a novel.

So it looks like some of the dots have been connected. However, I bet there are a few dots that haven’t even been discovered.

52 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots

  1. Well in all fairness there seems to be some issues that may have been overlooked. Let me share them with you.
    If you notice a person by the name of Mark Allsworth, who had claimed superreplicas was a scam. This guy said many things on and Tony Sinclair/ aka/ Daniel Seppings responded with a statement that Mark Allsworth is a liar. Seppings, claims Allsworth was the competitor from extreme sportscar and was taught to lie by a Mormon leader called Paul H. Dunn.
    Mark Allsworth trys to defend his missionary teaching from Paul H. Dunn but further evidence exposes Paul H. Dunn was infact a scammer.Seppings claims that Mark Allsworth proves He cannot be trusted because he not only has a conflict of interest associated with the owners of Extremesportcar (that build inferior kits), he was known to be associated with a con man sued for lying.
    His name is Paul H. Dunn,
    according to wikipedia he was found lying to make money the same thing you Mark Allsworth is trying to do for extremesportscar.

    Seppings then provides proof

    Recentley Mark Allsworth was accused of stealling money and fraud for selling replica Lamborghinis and Ferraris and not providing the clients with the goods. It seems like the accussers who want to throw the first stone are just as guilty and their accuser of the same fraud.
    The accusations are found on a respected website

    Now the question is who can you trust there are always two sides of the story.

    Why is Seppings using a stage name? the same reason most people who want to change their names for descretion. Is this a sin? is this wrong?

    We do live in a period of time when the internet freedom of speech has given room for Trolls to slander people and companies names.
    If you tell a lie long enough the people will start to believe it so giving no chance for a company to succeed.

    Lamborghini and Ferrari are also very angry at replica kit companies and would like to shut them down too so if Seppings turns out to be a Robin Hood for the poor then he will have a lot of adversary.
    Talking about hiding under a different name didn´t Jacob in the Bible pretend to be his brother and lied to deceive his father for an inheritance? Also Joseph of Egypt pretended to be someone else to hide himself from his brothers, so I suppose Seppings is using examples in the Bible to justify being a Robin Hood.

    Just another Jesse James I suppose.

    As you are aware we do have a price war happening today, with the credit crunch and economic crisis, the monopoly of big corporations trying to take advantage of the economic depression by making the internet Trolls write hype against the little fish companies.

    Super Replicas seems to be targeted and are becoming victims of this perversion. Some claim that neoliberalism is a form of corporatocracy, the rule of a country by and for the benefit of large corporations. Since large corporations tend to fulfill all the conditions of a wealthy entity, they accrue many of the same benefits over smaller businesses.

    The most blatant form of crony capitalism is the creation of a liberal economic system in which only some people (“cronies”) are permitted corporation´s rights by the government using dirty tactics and bribery, allowing supporters of the government to expropriate any capital held by opponents. This is a useful method of control which is usually seen in its purest form in the USA, where the US senators can create a liberal system of markets and government without ceding any control of either. Such reforms can also be used to add a sprinkling of liberal legitimacy for the legal biased reforms and polices designed in favor to big corporations.

  2. from what I understand Daniel Seppings is a journlist from the Uk he writes for the UK paper called the guardian this is an article mentioning him as well on the

    From what I gathered, Seppings was working with a guy called Damian Zacky and also with Shaun from
    and then there was a falling out between the two so Damian Zacky, Shaun and Christopher Turner started their own new website called
    Daniel Seppings and Damian Zacky live in the UK and made ferrari and lamborghini replica kit cars for years.
    after the falling out between Damian Zacky, Shaun and Christopher

    then Daniel Seppings teamed up with Rither Sanchez in Panama and they made
    Daniel Seppings is from London England he is a licensed journalist in England and his information is located at

    Daniel Seppings

    address: West Kensington

    London, London, N15

    Daniel Seppings is mentioned various times, in articles of the Guardian newspaper for example

    If you want to call him direct his contact information is found on

    He has three phone numbers

    Telephone: 00507 64060287

    Information: Florida and California USA

    (772) 380 4953 / (831)856 5299

  3. “John”, it appears to me that you are way too in to this whole topic.
    My question is …Why? What is your connection, if any, to this?

  4. Dear Donald Raymond Williams address ciudad de David province of Chiriqui Republic of Panama.
    There is some legal issues you may want to consider regarding this matter. I have found a large amount of resources regarding the usage of the blog.
    I understand you have made some fame and it may not be by legal measures.
    I believe you are well respected in Chiriqui as an elderly citizen and a foreigner to Panama. Rither Sanchez and others involved in the SR junta directiva may take legal action and it might not be on your best interests to encourage defamation of charactor on your blog.
    Cyber bullying on any social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and youTube all ban cyber bullying and cyber bullying is illegal.
    What is Cyber bullying?
    Bullying generally includes behavior that: is meant to be hurtful; targets a certain person or group of people;happens more than once; embarrasses, threatens or intimidates the
    person being bullied.
    For example, repeatedly, spreading
    nasty rumours about them is examples of bullying.
    cyber bullying
    Cyber bullying is when someone uses
    SMS, e-mail, blogs, chat rooms, discussion
    boards, instant messages, or social
    networking sites (such as Facebook and
    Twitter) to behave in a way that is cruel
    or hurtful. It includes everything from
    posting nasty comments and photos to
    spreading rumours and making threats.
    It’s important to remember that words
    and actions end up really hurting someone.
    Cyber bullying is serious because the
    target often feels like they can’t escape.
    Cyber bullying is very public, especially if photos or comments are
    posted on sites that can be accessed by
    anyone. Even if photos or comments are
    only sent to one person or a small group
    of people, there’s a chance that they’ll get
    out to others. Once they’re out, they’re out
    forever—and there’s no way to control
    who sees them.
    Infringing on the rights of others
    Defamation of character to a company and personal name
    Sue to recover damages (including punitive damages) Company losses of sales as well

  5. I found this article and many like it. You may want to read it.
    The owners of SR do have legal representation here in Panama. The Panamanians who are on the board of directors of SR and the SR share holders may not take too kindly to your blog. Especially if you can consider the fact that you are not from Panama and there are laws in this country that restrict foreigners like yourself from blogs about Panamanian owned companies that feel your rumors maybe be damaging. Freedom of the press is protected by law. However, the law allows for the prosecution of journalists for vaguely defined offenses related to the exposure of private information. Although There has been discussion about repeal, journalists are still subject to desacato (disrespect) laws that are meant to protect Panamanians from public criticism. SR does have a Panamanian government official share holder which your blog has come into the attention of those interested parties and Press freedoms continued to be severely threatened by the judicial branch and institutions under the direct supervision of President Ricardo Martinelli in 2011, and the risk of legal repercussions and judicial intimidation encouraged self-censorship among foreigners and their blogs or forums who are critical of Panamanian companies. It can also lead to criminal charges of defamation of charactor that is punishable by imprisionment and deportation.
    Criminal defamation convictions are serious in Panama and can lead to the loss of all assests.

  6. Hi John, If you re-read this post, it would be hard to find any cyber bullying. I merely confirmed that the photo published in other publications as Daniel John Seppings was the same person that had told me that his name was Tony Sinclair.

    I think it is easily proven that this blog has been at the forefront of promoting businesses in Panama, which was the reason I first met Tony Sinclair. I have offered on multiple occasions to view and photograph completed Super Replicas projects. There were plans made and schedules made and all were canceled and no finished product was ever provided.

    After reading your comment, I have sent a copy to my lawyer and to the U.S. Embassy because I consider it more of a physical threat than I do a legal threat. Should anything happen to me, both will insure that appropriate investigation has been taken.

  7. I would recommend you remove all articles related to SR as soon as possible before legal proceedings begins. Remember you are not at liberty in Panama, to allow any form of derogative material against a Panamanian company or persons, that is promoted on your blog while you reside in Panama. Consider the legal repercussions, they are not worth the risk of losing everything.Panamanians, do have more rights than foreigners so it is difficult to stand up against them in a court of law.

  8. In the contrary to your malicious statement, SR has great respect for the elderly citizens like yourself and this comment you made is just another example of increasing violence and hatred towards the SR staff, by your misinforming manner of playing and manipulating words. The legal proceeding are respected by the American Embassy as the legal right of any Panamanian towards individuals like yourself that maybe infringing on those legal rights.

  9. Using threats of legal action against those who reveal scams is a sure sign that the threatener is, in fact, a scammer. Legitimate business people do not do this. I’ve seen this phenomenon over and over and over. The scammer bluster and threaten, but eventually, they slink off into the night (or are sent back to the USA in handcuffs, as happened to Tom McMurrain….)

  10. Super replicas! Show us a finished car! Wait, you can’t? yup yer scammers! Jajaja scam priest! It doesn’t get any better!

  11. Dear John

    According to a dictionary, a psychotic is a person suffering from a psychosis. Wikipedia indicates that psychosis is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality.” People suffering from psychosis are described as psychotic. The words above associated with the name “John” appear to come from a psychotic; someone who has lost contact with reality. I encourage this person to get some professional help.

  12. The Panamanians who value their employment with Super Replicas and also those Panamanian investors that wants to see Super Replicas develop for the benefit and welfare of many Panamanians.
    The new opportunities that SR Company seeks to create for youth to become apprentices and employment for the new engineers is the reasons why this blog should remove all the articles posted to create hate and disappointment.
    Let’s ask that the retired Americans come to Chiriquí to encourage the Panamanian youth to seek for skills to become responsible, to earn an honest living from working in the car plant of Super Replicas.
    Also the Panamanian people plead to the retired American citizens who should give a fair go to not discourage or damage their chances of learning new skills or receiving employment in the car industry here in Panama but to speak positively and withdraw your negative resentments.

  13. Dear Susan,

    Your comment is very ignorant because major car companies like GM and Chrysler make law suits for various reasons and this does not mean they are not legit.
    Anyone has the right to defend against injustice.
    The law system is designed to be fair on both sides and to protect the abuse of people that spread unwarranted rumors and cyber bulling trolls that causes defamation. We live in a time period when the internet has increased the ability for people to voice their opinions, however this is something that must be respected and used appropriately without causing damage of reputations and defamation of character.

    Also to the one hiding with the comment of being crazy that belittling derogative comment is the thing I would not expect elderly citizens to say. it is immature and reckless. Please stop attacking people and respect them.

  14. Dear “John”, let me give you some quick legal advice, because I’ve been through this a number of times already. First, if you want to sue on behalf of your company, it needs to be a civil suit because a corporation does not have honor that can be criminally offended under Panamanian law. A civil suit takes forever and won’t go anywhere unless you can show – as in, prove – real damages. There are no real damages because your whole outfit isn’t real to begin with. So scrap that.

    You might of course file a criminal complaint because you think your personal honor has been offended, but be warned that you would have to do so under your real name, not “John” or “Scott” or “scam priest” or anything like that. And then I will cover that case intensively on my blog, every step of the way, and more and more people will start digging into your affairs and background and eventually you’ll lose.

    So, all that said, can you please include me in any cases you may start? It is the surest way to get that car manufacturing scam over and done with once and for all. Don’t we all want a Panama free of foreign hustlers and con men?

  15. Well, “John” (or whateverthehellyournamereallyis), every time you open your (virtual) mouth, you sound more like a scammer. Pompous and preachy and full of crap. I’ve been here over 10 years and I’ve watched your clones yammer on in a similar manner. It never ends well for them. And I predict it won’t end well for you either. We’ll see….

  16. Dear Susan, I do need to warn you that the individual who is hiding in Iceland was convicted of child rape in Panama his name is Okke Ornstein and his is an extortionist who is being pursued by the FBI for murder and extortion. He has set up a bogus website called banana republic and he is trying to use his site to extort money from people. He has numerous charges if you care to investigate amongst the charges is cyber stalking which is a series criminal offence. People like Don Ray from chiriqui chatter have fallen victim to his abuse of using respected blogs for his cunning scams of extortion. Please check this information to confirm the truth

  17. John, you seem very concerned about the elderly and cyber bullies, but what about the victims of your super car fraud? I take it you do not care about the people who gave you a down payment for one of your non existent fantasy-cars and then got nothing in return?
    and how is that teaching the Panamanian youth how to make an honest living? sounds like you’re teaching the youth how to become scammers like the dirty scam priest that you are! Barry

  18. jajajajaja, John the Scam Priest is getting his info from friesner’s “website with sheffif badge” and the defunct Panama sailing school. This is too good to be true! Okke, is being pursued by the FBI for murder and extortion, jajajajajaja!!!
    John, i can assure you the Bananama Republic website is very real, the only bogus thing around here is your Super Repica cars, your sky god and the whole insane artificial world you have created in your head! Hey John! look out! is that the FBI following you in that black sedan? better check your phones for CIA wiretaps, they are listening preacher man, they are listening….

  19. There are so many frauds in Panama that it is always pleasing to expose them the light of the sun. They flee, then when cornered they threaten. Fortunately most have no teeth and usually are destroyed by the light of day. Bravo Don and Okke.

  20. Hey Daniel John Seppings,
    What about your fraudulent company’s websites claiming that Tanner Foust is the CEO and Chip Foose is a business partner? Is that not defamation? You are the worst type of hypocrite. Practice what you preach, you religious nut.

  21. “John” (or whateverthehellyourrealnameis)…Right about now would be a good time to move on. You’ve totally burned your act in Panama… As far as the English speaking community here in Panama is concerned, you’re a laughing stock, the poster boy for low rent scams. Time to skedaddle, I’d say…..

  22. John, please dont listen to Susan G-G. she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Keep it up! convince us all! Let the voices in your head guide you! threaten more lawsuits against anyone who questions the validity of Super Replicas and file some of those crimes against the honor thingys while your at it. Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. You are David and the internet is Goliath. It’s a biblical battle baby!

  23. My name is Michael and I am a US citizen. I purchased a car from them in 2012 and they are no longer returning your calls and I have not received my car yet.It was paid in full via bank wire through Chase bank USA.
    They are also using another name now.
    They say they have a New York office phone number. 1-646-867-1893
    Same people working the phones. Still will not deliver the car I paid for..

  24. Interesting indeed to see “John” – a pen name – quote Monte Friesner’s websites as an authorative source. I guess it comes naturally for a fake car business to cling on to a sailing school that only exists on the web…

  25. This has to be the most interesting thing I’ve found on the internet in a while. Daniel (“John”/”Tony”/”Ken”), you need serious help. I’m worried about you…and I’m an atheist. Go figure.

  26. Hey Daniel John Seppings (or whatever your name is) and all you retards at SR. We all know you’re nothing but frauds and your legal threats are just BS. You are the ones cyber bullying by leaving constant legal threats on someone’s blog. If you really were going to sue you would have by now instead of stalling. Put up or shut up, in this case just shut up. The more you talk the more of a fool you look like.
    Also it’s humorous and sad to see you try to hide behind religion since you’re getting “pwned” on all corners and have NO Facts to back up your BS. If you spent half as much time and money on making legit kit cars and selling them as you do BS’ing your way through them, you’d not be in the mess you are now. But then considering how stupid you are it’s no surprise you didn’t think about that.

  27. Dear John,

    A- There are three daniel seppings in the UK alone,

    so it appears, that not only can you use google, but your also lazy because this is the first link on google that doesnt send you to some religious nuts website, congrats!

    B- you are not a panamanian citizen and therefore also do not have the very same rights you say the poster of this blog doesnt have, it is irrelevant that you have panamanian citizens on your board, because im sure you still hold majority of the shares of this so called company… Also the link your provided is IRISH LAW, NOT PANAMANIAN…

    C- anyone can use the name “Okke Ornstein” on a blog just as easily i could use JOHN SMITH or Jesus Christ… and again the info you provide on Okke Ornstein is somethings anyone can find on GOOGLE

    D- Barry has a point,

    “Barry on April 1, 2013 at 4:45 pm said:
    Sorry to hear that Michael, looks like you’ve been had by the Scam Priest.
    I suggest you contact the nearest FBI office to you
    Im no lawyer, but i think the G men will be interested,
    Wire fraud
    Money laundering
    Advance fee fraud
    Did they send you anything in the mail? Is yes, mail fraud too!

    Good luck!”

    and you WILL be EXTRADITED.

    and finally. THE TERM TOPGEAR IS A TRADEMARKED AND UNDER COPYRIGHT INTERNATIONALLY. So not only can the American “Topgear” producers sue you, but so can the Australian, and the British producers of their respected shows. Looks like Youtube has already taken care of your Videos

    (404 Not Found, enzo ferrari has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted. )

    But you should consider yourself lucky, since the youtube page is down, there is a slim chance that Tanner Faust and Chip Foose either didnt see, or download your videos misrepresenting them… WHICH YOU CAN ALSO BE SUED FOR. Come to think of it they were probably the Third parties that youtube speaks of that filed claims of copyright infringement

  28. Here is Chip Foose’s webpage

    At the bottom of his webpage you will find this Super Replica Warning.


    Foose Design and Chip Foose are not now, nor ever have been, involved in any way with Rither Sanchez or his company Super Replica. Mr. Sanchez met Chip at an event in Panama like many people do. Mr. Sanchez videoed his meet and greet with Chip so he could edit it later to create a false and misleading video that suggests that Foose and Super Replica are somehow involved in building cars together. Mr. Sanchez is infringing on the Foose mark by using it to create websites for Super Replica. We are making every effort to stop Mr. Sanchez down in Panama and on the internet. Thank you for not cooperating with Mr. Sanchez or Super Replica.

  29. Well, My name it Kenneth Kraus. and I PAID $33,000.00 to Super Replica’s account 4 years ago., and dealed with ToNY Sinclair or whoever is the one that STOLE my money….. I have not recieved a car and I have been waiting for FOUR YEARS !!!!!!!
    I PAID Oct 6th 4 years ago, and Never got a car yet.
    If that doesnt PROVE its a SCAM, Nothing will.

  30. Ken, sorry to hear that, theScam Priest and Slither Sanchez have your money and they are probably having a good laugh about it.
    i think the FBI is a good start as these clowns do claim to have some US connections (NY office, US VOIP phone number, a dot com domain for their website etc.)
    Also the Panamanian version of the FBI is the DIJ (formerly known as the PTJ) , they have an office in David. I’d give them a call, maybe they have an English speaker on staff in David.

    Good Luck!!

  31. John, ‘Daniel Seppings’ does not work for the Guardian UK. However, I have two close friends who do. It doesn’t serve your cause well to lie about anything that can be fact-checked. I had these friends of mine look into your claims about Seppings… he is not now – nor has he ever been – employed by the Guardian.

  32. So I’ve just spent the last hour or so reading over the last 5 years of scam blogs about Super Replica (now and it’s just an incredible story.

    How stupid do you have to be not to so your basic research and find out this Daniel John Seppings aka Tony Sinclair aka “John” is a fraud? anyone who hands over $20,000+ dollars to his scam organization deserves to have their money taken.

  33. Ok, jacktass, I paid over 4 years ago, sent a friend to visit the place, and got pictures of the car being built etc…

  34. ok Mr. Knowitall so you got photos of them trying to build cars. could you say with 100% certainty that they live up to their claim of being legit.. put down your own money and have them build you a car and show us, and then take it for a shake down and see how long it lasts to see if it’s a piece of crap or legit.

  35. He didn’t say he got a car. From the last time he communicated with me, he had paid and received nothing. It was a couple years ago he wrote and was asking me for help.

  36. After being extremely excited about the ability to buy such a vehicle, I, Too, decided to check into this “organization”. After viewing the video showing Chip Foose “endorsing” the “company” by supplying the paint, and even being INVOLVED in the painting of the “Supereplica” vehicles, and seeing that another person with the Foose surname had “delivered” the purchased cars to the “buyers”…I THEN became just a “wee bit” concerned about the legitimacy of Supereplicas.
    I emailed Chip Foose, AND Tanner Foust, (also a Supereplicas painter) AND Top Gear, with attachments showing these claims. Hopefully the three will team up and put an end to this B.S. once and for all.

    Oh, SUPEREPLICAS, if you would CARE to PROVE all of these “idiots” wrong about your intentions….. I WILL PERSONALLY purchase one of your Fire Engine Red Ferrari Enzo turnkey cars, (WITH the BRAND NEW BMW V-12) for DOUBLE your asking price, IN CASH, the day AFTER you show up at my address with the vehicle matching the given description. (from your website) The vehicle will THEN be examined by my local BMW Dealer to witness the legitimate “new” engine in operation, and my neighbor (who owns a Performance Engine and Body Shop,) to witness that the engine PERFORMS like a new engine, and the assembly of said vehicle is in compliance with Federal Safety Guidelines for the United States.
    And THEN, I will inform ALL of these “doubters” of my address and telephone number so that they can PERSONALLY see my purchase…….

    Oh, and ALSO would you be so kind as to give me the previous “purchasers” NEW addresses and telephone numbers? It seems that the “WHITE PAGES” for Las Vegas, Nevada, Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, AND Chicago Illinois… NOT seem to have these people on record as HAVING a telephone registered in said cities….

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for providing me with the requested information….
    I KNOW that you will come through, since I have outgrown UNDERDOG, and am presently looking for a NEW HERO!!!

    Your Fan to the END

  37. With regards to Mark Allsworth being a liar. He is!!!!! He is doing what he claimed another company was doing. He take money for cars to be built, doesn’t build the car and keeps the money even when a contact agreement has been signed.
    In all the years European Exotics was trading, not one car was completed in full. He is now starting up under other company names to continue to rip people off. I know this to be true as he has my money, it’s been about 2 years now and still no car. I have proof if anyone is questioning this being the truth. Mark Allsworth is a CONMAN!!!!!!!!

  38. Mr. Daniel John Seppings has been a fraud all his life. He lives his life as a fraud and a liar, and has done so since he was a little boy in Noble Park Australia where he claimed to be a distant cousin to Ned Kelly (famous Aussie outlaw). He has claimed to be a “Prophet” of the LDS Church, to have been visited by Angels and to have spoken to Joseph Smith! Daniel Seppings is a pedophile false Prophet scam artist! Do not buy a car from this person! You will never get your car!

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