Connecting the Dots

Daily ViewsRecently Chiriquí Chatter hit some record daily highs for number of views. The majority of these views came because of two sources. The first source (and the largest number of referrals) came from a site named JALOPNIK.

Patrick George, of JALOPNIK, had called me from the US wanting to talk to be about a company I had previously written up by the name of Super Replicas. He interviewed me by phone and included the interview in his article for JALOPNIK.

Today, I noticed I was getting hits from the Bananama Republic, who had done some research in the Panama public records related to Super Replicas. Bananama Republic was following up on a previous article which referenced the JALOPNIK article.

Bananama Republic connected the dots between Daniel John Seppings who was listed as a director of Super Replicas and Tony Sinclair who had given me the tours of the Super Replicas “facilities” in David.

DJS Indeed, the photo that Bananama Republic included (of Daniel John Seppings) was the person that represented himself to me as Tony Sinclair. The photo is a younger version, but no question, that is the fellow I talked to.

I wonder why the director of a reputable business would represent himself by a different name? I probably can answer my own question.

The Bananama Republic included a large amount of material on Daniel John Seppings that is easily obtained from the Internet once you know to Google Daniel John Seppings. The Super Replicas, Daniel John Seppings, Tony Sinclair saga is material that could make a novel.

So it looks like some of the dots have been connected. However, I bet there are a few dots that haven’t even been discovered.

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  1. Oh, this is absolutely fantastic! When I saw Sepping’s picture, above, I realized that it was from his earlier career of impersonating Siegfried and Roy. He looks much more liked an aged senior citizen expat now.

    I’ve heard tale that John boy is still living in David, almost 3 years since this blog was originally posted. Any new scoop on him?

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