Connecting the Dots

Daily ViewsRecently Chiriquí Chatter hit some record daily highs for number of views. The majority of these views came because of two sources. The first source (and the largest number of referrals) came from a site named JALOPNIK.

Patrick George, of JALOPNIK, had called me from the US wanting to talk to be about a company I had previously written up by the name of Super Replicas. He interviewed me by phone and included the interview in his article for JALOPNIK.

Today, I noticed I was getting hits from the Bananama Republic, who had done some research in the Panama public records related to Super Replicas. Bananama Republic was following up on a previous article which referenced the JALOPNIK article.

Bananama Republic connected the dots between Daniel John Seppings who was listed as a director of Super Replicas and Tony Sinclair who had given me the tours of the Super Replicas “facilities” in David.

DJS Indeed, the photo that Bananama Republic included (of Daniel John Seppings) was the person that represented himself to me as Tony Sinclair. The photo is a younger version, but no question, that is the fellow I talked to.

I wonder why the director of a reputable business would represent himself by a different name? I probably can answer my own question.

The Bananama Republic included a large amount of material on Daniel John Seppings that is easily obtained from the Internet once you know to Google Daniel John Seppings. The Super Replicas, Daniel John Seppings, Tony Sinclair saga is material that could make a novel.

So it looks like some of the dots have been connected. However, I bet there are a few dots that haven’t even been discovered.

52 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots

  1. Oh, this is absolutely fantastic! When I saw Sepping’s picture, above, I realized that it was from his earlier career of impersonating Siegfried and Roy. He looks much more liked an aged senior citizen expat now.

    I’ve heard tale that John boy is still living in David, almost 3 years since this blog was originally posted. Any new scoop on him?

  2. I wanted to provide an update on the Daniel Seppings scam saga. Daniel John Seppings (of Australia) has now diversified substantially from his legendary Super Replicas car scam. In addition to several NEW websites that are identical to the Super Replica cars scam he is now the proprietor of several NEW scam “enterprises” in David (Chiriqui) Panama. Under the name John Daniels he operates the Fort David museum that the website claims to house artifacts from “the shipwreck of Christopher Columbus”. A quick perusal of the website and YouTube videos confirms its an obvious scam. The location is also described on a separate website as the Graceland Castle of Chiriqui de David. On this website and associated YouTube videos the “castle” is described as everything from a hotel, international college and to contain the Arc of the Covenant! Again, all obvious internet scams that involve tourism deposits. In local advertising the Graceland Castle is advertised as a birthday party and events location for children with catering and birthday cakes being offered by Seppings wife Esmeralda Garcia Jimenez. There is also a website that Daniel Seppings operates that indicates the Graceland Castle is actually the David Panama missionary outpost of the LDS Remnant Church of Independence Missouri. The website indicates the that John Daniels is grateful to the Remnant Church and Fred Larsen (president of the Church) of Missouri for helping with funding of “the site of worship”…..hmmmmm? So it looks like Daniel Seppings has expanded his business and international commerce footprint significantly. He currently has 111 replica car scam websites and more than 300 YouTube videos offering Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s (exact copys no less) to the world from David Panama….in addition, the very same facility where the cars are built now supplies birthday cakes, college courses and hosts childrens events every Saturday and Sunday. During the week the facility transforms into a museum where artifacts associated with Christopher Columbus can be seen. By special appointment only the “Arc of the Covenant” can also be viewed during one of Daniel’s “eco tours” to Volcan. This update is compiled from 100% publicly available information. To learn more I encourage readers to google Fort David Museum, the Remnant Church of Independance, MO and Graceland Castle and review the same entities on YouTube. For a full list of these sites and additional information regarding Daniel John Seppings, or John Daniels as he likes to be known now, I am making my email address available:

    Please be very careful when doing business over the internet. Anyone that may have fell victim to any of these scams or has information to share about these businesses are encouraged to contact me. My name is: Ilse and I’ve provided my email address should anyone wish to contact me. Be careful and be smart.

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