Pizza Hut Weekday Special

We have stopped into Pizza Hut for their weekday special a couple times recently.

For $5 you get your choice of several personal sized pizzas, some garlic bread, a salad or a soup and a tea or soda.

Really a good bargain. I usually go for a combination pizza and potato soup. I will add that this is the best potato soup in David. Nice chunks of potato, plenty of bacon and cheese. Today’s order follows.


6 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Weekday Special

  1. There’s a new pizza place in Guadalupe, above Volcan and Cerro Punta. It’s one or two doors down past Los Quetzales. Haven’t tried it yet but it’s open from noon – ?, 7 days a week, and the owner said he could make thick or thin crust pizzas with the right mozzarella and the best pepperoni.
    This is an invitation, Don and Liliam!

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