David Price of Gas Saturday March 16



These prices still reflect price per gallon. Panama is changing to price by liter, so everyone will be confused for a while. Also remember that 91 octane in Panama is 87 octane in the US. Likewise 95 octane in Panama is 91 octane in the US.

10 thoughts on “David Price of Gas Saturday March 16

  1. so, unless they try to cheat, those prices per liter should become $1.05, $1.12 and $1.23

  2. Lynn, I spend about $30 a month on gasoline.

    Bjorn. It remains to be seen. I noticed my station looks a little hard to change the meter.

    Daniel. All I know is that Panama made the decision to go metric.

  3. Que payasada! And also Panama is adopting the Kilogram, I believe. Someone is making money out of these changes for sure. Next, change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and to feet and miles from meters and kilometers.

  4. jAt this point, I don’t even understand what — in weight — for food — and the cost per lb. that I am paying and getting from the stores. Good luck on the gas. DUH!!!. I just don’t understand why all this was done…..I think I am getting senile. someone above stated they spend $30/mo on gasoline. We spend $20/stop at least $l00/mo. and you have to watch that the amount you give them is put in your tank 3X with $l5 worth that we got and paying $20 —-Is this what they call “pocket attendee expenses? …..

  5. In much of the world, the metric system has been used for a very long time. By my calculations it should be the same amount of money paid out unless the price goes up per gallon and it should be a little over a dollar a litter.

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