Happy Pet – Revisited

IMG_0115Yesterday, I took Koki to get her first grooming at Happy Pet.

Here are a couple observations made as a result of this visit.

First, I was there at 9:00 AM, the opening time for a Saturday. I had called ahead so they knew I was coming. No one was there and the door was still locked. A couple minutes after I got there a young lady came and asked if I could wait a few minutes because they had a car problem.

This may be the first time I can remember a business having the courtesy to let me know they hadn’t forgotten me and were going to be a little late. I was impressed. Turns out they found a flat tire when they went to get in their car.

Second, Everyone there gives you the impression they love what they do, The young lady that had met me when the door was locked was the groomer and had a smile on her face and you could tell she loved animals.

Third, when Patricia saw Koki, she asked about her vomiting problem, which was the purpose of the first visit. Great attention to detail and customer service.

No doubt about it, this is the place to bring your furry family member when they need attention.

I should also mention, I switched Koki’s diet to the brand of dog food they recommended and Koki is crazy about it. This is the first time I can say that and I have given her Science Diet, IAMS and other high end foods. Great recommendation.

10 thoughts on “Happy Pet – Revisited

  1. Everyone should check the ingredients of their pet foods. If the 1st ingredient is corn, rice or other grains, they are just fillers and may contain GMO’s. Always buy foods that list meats or fish as the 1st ingredient. The fillers are usually waste products from processing and contain almost no nutritional value for your pet.

  2. We also go to Happy Pet and are very pleased with the caring service of both Patricia and Sam. We make food for our dogs with lentils, rice and vegetables and Patricia and Sam highly approve. Even our oldest, who has a heart condition, has shown improvement since eating home made food.

  3. Patricia and Sam not only take an active interest in our Cookie, they are also very knowledgable and effective communicators. This is the place to bring your pet!

  4. A few months ago I acquired a dog that came limping into my yard with a broken leg. She wasn’t known by any of my neighbors. A wonderful couple from Potrerillos Arriba drove over to Boqueron to pick my and the dog up and took us to Happy Pet. I can’t praise them enough. They were very gentle with the dog who took it all in stride, and the final tally was exceptionally reasonable. I recommend anyone with a pet to make use of their services. Of course, I may be cutting my own throat doing this because if the street dog ever needs treatment again Happy Pet may be too crowded.

  5. Oldsalt – was that the poor dog we saw when we visited you? I’m glad to know of a good place because even though I don’t have a pet, I’d have a hard time walking away from an injured animal that needs help.

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