And Another

I couldn’t sleep and got up to find that this area had another earthquake. This one bigger than the one the other day. It occurred at 10:45 PM last night (March 13). I must have just gone to sleep and didn’t feel it.

This one was just 65 miles south of David, The plates are definitely shifting.


7 thoughts on “And Another

  1. I didn’t miss it…..was sitting on the sofa watching TV and it rocked and rolled. The other day, in Los Algarrobos, there was also a small turmoil and, after it happened, our patio was filled with insects. Couldn’t count, but this invited them to our patio. They left 2 days later. I guess NO PARTY, no BOOZE AND NO MUSIC. They left.

  2. Hi, Me (Maurice Lampl) and Norma McNeil have lived here at Alto Boquete for three years already. We’ve felt several tremors already and had a local from Arraijan inform us that the Baru is showing signs of awakening.. Is there any truth in this???? How much of a risk are we in this already???

  3. I don’t believe in living in fear. I have been in this part of Panama for over 10 years and have been through many window rattlers. I have no idea if the Baru is showing that it is “waking” or just proving that it is important to live each day to the fullest.

    Why worry? It does no good.

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