Trying to Change My Routine

I have decided to make some changes in my daily routine. Whether it will be noticeable or not to readers of CC, remains to be seen. I have a couple long term projects I want to start working on and they are going to require some study and dedicated concentration. I will leave them unnamed for now.

I am afraid they may require some new hardware, and I am running through ideas on how to get it paid for. If the projects flourish, then the expense will be worthwhile. I guess it will be worthwhile anyway, as long as I am doing what I enjoy, which is more important to me the older I get.

I will tell you one part of my routine change. It relates to reading. I am going to begin using a minimum of two hours a day in reading. In my past professional life, I never got to read as much as I liked. It seemed like all of my free time went to work, family or technical journals. When I did get a good book, I loved it.

Reading Jane Vasarhelyi’s book, Message from Panama, got me started again. I am currently reading a recommendation of her’s by Stephen King.

I have a more immediate project coming up at the end of the month. I will tell you something about that. This blog continues to bring me interesting situations and allows me to meet interesting people. This project is one of those situations.

I received an email from a professor at Florida State that is working on her doctor’s degree. She wrote me because, in researching her thesis, she learned that there is important material in Chiriquí that she wants to include and she asked my help in the process.

She really only asked for support in finding a safe place to stay, recommendations on places to eat, and assistance in finding a reliable taxi driver. She said my blog came up during her research and that is how she found my contact information.

I looked at her project and felt it was interesting and have offered my help. I will leave the subject as a future surprise. If this comes to pass I think it will not only provide her with her thesis material, but a worthwhile blog for me in addition.

If there is one thing I have enjoyed about my retirement in Panama, it has been the ability to control my time and alter what I am doing at the moment a new opportunity occurs. I can’t imagine it getting any better than this.

5 thoughts on “Trying to Change My Routine

  1. After my 4-year, 2-month, and 17-day Army career, I came straight home to my wife and went to work at National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio. There, I worked in Research and Development and later built rescue beacons and emergency radios used in the Vietnam War. I hated that I didn’t get much time off for myself, so I quit NCR and went to work as a school teacher. Teachers only work 180 days each year and have the rest of the time off. I did the teaching thing for ten years or more but began a business at home that my wife could run while I was teaching. She did and the business grew and I could quit teaching and spend as much time as I wanted in the business. I was able to do all the artwork or drawings that I wanted and still come out with new products and services that we sold to our customers all over the world. That was long before the Internet and computers so it was an honest to goodness, “Mail Order” business and took lots of postage and United Parcel to deliver the goods we sold. When our health insurance went up, we could no longer afford $2,400.00 for insurance so Patty, my wife, went to adult education as a secretary and worked there until she retired. With her retirement and my social security we have lived doing what we want to do for a long time now. We get our insurance that we pay for ourselves Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare. We don’t owe anybody anything — our house has been paid off for years and our Toyota has been paid for since we bought it new in 2003. When I read your story I had to tell mine. I am like you in that I control and my wife controls what we do or want to do. Our marriage has lasted 57 soon to be 58 years. That in itself is something we both wanted from the very beginning when we got married in 1955.

  2. My marriage has only lasted 39 years and counting. I did some teaching in high school back in the 90’s but did not like administrators, the pay, etc. I finally found some good kids to teach but the school was determined not to do it. I did a lot of Navy service and ended up going back to sea as a merchant marine. I ended up here in Panama because of the mess the USA is turning into. I fear a civil war or worse. Panama has this warm weather, beautiful people, and the government may be a little corrupt but not repressive. I am looking to do something in my retirement.

  3. Hi Ross. I guess a lott of us flirted with teaching. I have a lifetime teacher¡d degree from Texas, but when I interviewed, I decided it was a luxury to teach because I couldn’t afford it.

    I think teaching now is worse than it would have been for me then. At least then parents acted like parents and tried to instill values in their kids. Now it seems like they have no time to be concerned with that and the kids do what they want and are out of control.

    Hope you enjoy Panama. I do.

  4. I was also teaching (Algebra and geometry) in Texas. Parenting is a lost skill in the USA which is why they are having so many problems. I have seen a lot of really good kids here in Panama. Parents are doing their best to bring them up and are sent to Catholic school where this is reinforced. I really love Panama. My spouse is hard of hearing and is having a hard time here. I am staying

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