Parmigiano Pizzeria – Revisited

IMG_0106The other day I was able to try another pizza at Parmigiano Restaurant and Pizzeria. This time I went for a pepperoni. It was perfect for my taste.

I was lucky enough to get to spend a fair amount of time talking to Veronica and Piero. I realized I had not posted the menu on the previous post and I have now included it as well as a google map.

Piero and I got to talking about meat and he said he had a good provider and if I wanted the best steak in David, to give him a call a couple of days before I planned to come in and he would make sure he had it in stock.

I may have to take him up on that one of these days.

Refer back to the first post to see the google map and the menu.


6 thoughts on “Parmigiano Pizzeria – Revisited

  1. I am liking the looks of this place more and more. We will plan on having a meal there soon.

  2. Both times I’ve tried to get a pizza there, after getting my hair cut next door, they haven’t had the ovens heated up. I’d certainly like to try one. So far, the best pizza I’ve had in town has been at the Italian restaurant at the Gran Nacional Hotel.

  3. I plead temporary stupidity. You’re right, looking at the map on the first post I can easily get to this one, too. I’ll have to try it since I love pizza.

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