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El Informe, Chiriqui’s only weekly newspaper announced a set of sweeping changes for their readership and advertisers.

Several new staff members have been added including part time personnel from the English speaking community. Advertising rates have been reduced, and selected news stories will be translated into English. In addition, a COMMUNITY CALENDAR will become an integral part of each edition. El Informe seeks to expand their readership into the English speaking community. They are soliciting contributors, announcements of coming events, and have initiated a new class of advertising, CLASSIFIED DISPLAY. These ads are tailored to the individuals that wish to advertise items like vehicles, real estate, boats, or other personal property items. Black and White photo ads start at $30.

According to an unnamed El Informe spokesperson, “We’re going to see some sweeping changes in the attitude of this newspaper. This is a Chiriqui enterprise; owned, staffed, and operated by residents of Chiriqui. We are focusing on Chiriqui advertisers and Chiriqui readers. A discount will be given to Chiriqui businesses. The English speaking community contributes a great deal of revenue to Chiriqui. It’s time we honor this community and include a section for them.”

The spokesperson also suggested that community service and charitable organizations will have sponsors so they may be able to announce their upcoming events. “This is the perfect platform for anyone wanting to sell something or promote an event.” It’s been estimated that the 25,000 copies distributed each week are read by 150,000 people. In addition, there is the on-line issue each week. Thousands of readers from all over the world read El Informe on-line. “El Informe is not garbage the day after it’s published. Households keep this newspaper around for at least a week. Shelf life is very important to advertisers.”

For those interested in placing announcements in the COMMUNITY CALENDER, contributing or advertising, simply e-mail Mister Robert, robert@elinformedavid.com.   


  1. We entered Panama with the understanding that, living on our fixed income would be better….with all the gas and food prices on the increase and other medical problems, I am so sorry that we can’t contribute to people here that are putting their life and soul into organization and helping out for information…God bless all that have put their time and effort into all, especially, you, Don Ray……

  2. Ei Informe is a HUGE service to the People of Chiriqui and I hope that more local businesses will advertise their products and services in the newspaper. I am pleased that there will be a section for English speakers. David has many wonderful businesses that would benefit greatly from advertising to us English speaking folks. If we know what they have and how to get there…….Believe me……WE WILL COME!

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