Monthly Archives: March 2013

My older sister is tired of me calling her the beta release.

If you are trying to insult me, you are going to have to use smaller words.

Twitter makes me feel like I’m home. Nobody listens to me there either.

Think How Lucky You Are

I received a message from a Panamanian friend of mine living in California. He said he had to go all the way to Starbucks in San Francisco to get a cup of Panamanian coffee. He sent the following photo.


Think how lucky we are to have it here in our own back yard so to speak.

When you come visit the next time Jamie, I will buy you a cup in David.

I’ve gotta stop saying “How stupid can you be?”. Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

The onions aren’t making me cry.
It’s just being in the kitchen in general.

9 months before I was born, I went to this awesome party with my dad, and I left with my mom.