Parmigiano Restaurante & Pizzeria


I mentioned in a previous post there was a new restaurant I wanted to try.

We have now visited Parmigiano’s twice. I am pleased to say that I like it.

It has about 5 tables inside the air conditioned area and they have areas setup out side as well.

The outside areas are tent covered areas and it will be interesting to see how that works when the rainy season gets here.

Here is a photo of your hosts. On the left is the lovely Veronica. On the right is the chef, Piero. Many in Volcan know Veronica and Piero from the restaurant they had there (El Forno).


In the photo gallery at the end are the photos of all the meals that were sampled as well as the menu. I especially enjoyed my spaghetti pasta selection. I forget the name, but it includes anchovies. For me, they left the anchovies off at my request.

I liked the thin crust pizza. As I said, we have been there twice. In fact, we went two nights in a row.

Following is the business card if you want to call ahead.


Google map to the restaurant.

If you drop in, tell them You heard about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

6 thoughts on “Parmigiano Restaurante & Pizzeria

  1. Yum. How great that they opened in David. Looking forward to going. We love trying your suggestions. Papadines pizza was fantastic. We only tried the pizza, but the rest of the menu looked delicious and great friendly service, we’ll return soon. Also, awhile back after your post on Terraza’s Deli, we went in and tried a pastrami sandwich. Hate to be negative, but we were very disappointed. 1 slice of pastrami on a big piece of bread and it was around $6.00. We also love the Philly Cheese steak sandwich at the mall. As always, thanks Don Ray for all you do.

  2. Hi Phyllis. I would like for you to make the comments on the individual restaurant posts. That is the only way the feedback has a chance of getting to the appropriate management. Also it helps if you tell them that you are there because you learned about them on CC. If the meal is completely out of line, ask to speak to the management at the establishment.

  3. Thanks for the map, Don. I had been confused by the “We Care Pharmacy” directions.

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