Why I am Loving My Apple Environment

I mentioned in a previous post that I like using Apple much more than when I was using Microsoft. I am going to tell you what is making the difference for me.

When I only had one intelligent device (PC at that time), the manufacture didn’t make much difference. Microsoft, Apple, or Linux all accomplished what I needed to do and I could have used any of them and did.

The next thing that happened was that cell phones became more intelligent and shared contact information with the PC. I maintained all my contacts on the PC and transferred it to the cell phone.

I started out with a Nokia cell phone and it had to be tethered to the PC to update and share contacts.

Then a couple years ago I bought an iPad and synced my PC contacts with my iPad. It worked pretty well because of Apple, and in spite of Microsoft. Still I fought with my cell to keep it synced with the PC contacts. The Nokia software eventually quit working.

I switched to a Windows Mobile cell phone by samsung and thought things would improve. It did for a while, then I moved from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and the Window’s Mobile system decided to stop talking to the Window’s desktop.

I then moved my desktop from the Windows environment to the Mac. Now my contacts synced perfectly. The cell didn’t sync at all, but wasn’t syncing anymore with The newer Windows desktop OS either.

Then I moved to the iPhone. Now all devices synced perfectly. If I were out and someone gave me a business card and I entered it into my iPhone, when I got home all information was already on my contacts on my desktop.

If I was out and the Embassy called or sent me an email, I had it immediately. I could add an item to my calendar, or add a reminder to follow up on and I didn’t have to remember to add it to my desktop when I got home.

I began to realize, from having an iPad, that I enjoyed my time on the net more with the iPad than the desktop. I could sit in my favorite chair with it on my lap and surf the net. Much better than being in a chair facing the monitor.

I think that everyone that does writing, whether it be blogs or books or anything has to consider if it is important to work in many locations. That causes a lot of people to choose laptops over desktops.

For me, I have never been a big laptop fan. I hauled one around for many years in the corporate environment and if they were capable, they weighed a ton. Comparatively speaking, an iPad weighs almost nothing.

To be able to test an iPad as a laptop alternative, I needed a word processor. I went with Pages, which is Apple’s product. For the iPad that set me back $10. While I was at it, added Pages to my desktop. That was another $20.

Now here is another great thing in my opinion. The Apple products are registered to my Apple ID, not to my device. That means I have Pages on my iPhone and it cost me nothing . If I had another Apple device, say a MacAir (which I continue to consider), then I would have Pages on it at no extra cost.

For Microsoft, each device requires its own license. The difference in licensing confused me at first, but now, I prefer it. If I sell my Mac. I just put it back to its original configuration and all products I have purchased still belong to me and can go on my next Apple.

Now, let me talk a little about Pages itself. Most word processors work similarly. Pages can export to the Microsoft format and receive the Microsoft format. It also exports to ePub, an electronic publishing format.

Here is another thing I like. If I request the full screen mode, then Apple puts the document in the center of the screen with a black background around it. No distractions. I only see my document. It helps me focus on the task at hand. It is a small thing, but it helps me.

I am confident that Pages does not have all the functions as Microsoft Word has. However, I don’t see any value to having a lot of functions that I don’t use. I had already moved from from Microsoft’s office to a free office. I still have Open Office on my MacMini.

I am sure your next question will be, if you had Open Office, why did you purchase Pages. Good question. The benefit it has over Open Office is that it is integrated into Apple’s iCloud.

Take this post for instance. I am sitting in my favorite easy chair with my iPad sitting on my lap. I am listening to soothing music on my stereo from my Apple TV (which I control with my iPad). I listen to the music. I write some, I listen some. If I stop and close Pages, the document is saved to iCloud.

If later, I am out running errands and I think of something important I want to add, I can do it on my iPhone. It is not as comfortable an option, but a workable option. I sometimes have to do things while I am thinking about them or they get lost.

Often when I am out, I make myself a reminder and set a time for it to fire. Later in the day, the reminder will fire and I get the reminder on my iPhone, my iPad, and my MacMini all at the same time. Part of my memory is in iCloud now.

When this document is done, I will open it on my MacMini, which will pull it off iCloud. I don’t have to do anything. It just works. I usually try to do the final step of publishing from desktop.

I am sure you realize that most of my blogging is based on photos. I have two cameras that I use more than my third camera. One is my iPhone. It does a reasonably good job. One thing I like about it is that if I happen to be out and take photos, when I get home, they are sitting on my MacMini. I didn’t have to plug in a memory chip or cable into my PC.

After being taken, the photos are available on Photo stream and accessible on any of my Mac devices. If I want to look at my photos on my flat screen TV, I can because the Apple TV will receive it from any of the other devices. If I remember right, all photos are stored on iCloud for a month.

A few years ago, I had a harder time justifying the price difference between a Microsoft OS based PC and an Apple. Apple was usually more expensive for comparably equipped hardware.

If you strictly compare processor power, memory, and storage Apple still appears to be more. However, when I consider the value of Apple’s total platform integration, and the quality of build, I feel justified in my decision to move to Apple.

More and more each day, office environments that have been traditionally Microsoft shops are starting to consider Apple. In 1999 you would never have thought that would happen.

I never say never. That is the only reason keeping me from saying that I will never own another Microsoft based system.

9 thoughts on “Why I am Loving My Apple Environment

  1. Welcome to the world of Apple. I learned the same lessons over time and came to the same conclusions. Despite the fact that computers were my life and still are, I like not having to be a geek to take advantage of all the features of integrated data sharing without knowing anything about the back end that makes it work.

  2. I too am a big fan of my Apple products. Although I’m not much of a computer user, I really only use my ipad and iphone. I recently got Apple TV and I was glad to hear you say that you use it there in Panama. Are you able to get US programming on it? I am moving to Boquete in June and have been wondering if I should bring it . Thanks BY THE WAY I recently bought a fantastic little thing for my ipad, its a bluetooth keyboard cover. I really like how it works and it makes my little ipad feel like a laptop. It’s made by ZAGG . I do all my blogging on my ipad and it’s working really good for me. Cheers!

  3. Why does this not surprise me? All my kids and adult grandchildren are apple folks only one son-in-law and myself are enjoying our windows 8 phones. If apple ever moves from being icon based I may consider. FYI windows 8 has the cloud feature. 😏

  4. Been a Mac user since 1986 have never regretted that decision. I even run my US auto parts business on Macs and since System 10 came out our systems have been very stable with very little down time. In fact they are so stable that we no longer purchase yearly software updates from our POS vendor as a cost cutting measure in the tough US economy.

  5. Hi Don,

    Couldn’t agree more about Apple! Both the wife and I have iPads and iPhones. Also have three Apple TVs in the house. Don’t have an Apple PC, but I’m sure that too will come with time.

    Going to Panama on a retirement scouting expedition next February for 2 1/2 weeks. Maybe we can get together and talk about Panama.


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