International tax payer information and registration for FATCA information

This information was not sent out as an ACS advisory, but I felt it may benefit some, so I am going to post it.       Tax Guide for US Citizens abroad – Publication 54 for 2012 taxes    IRS Information for US Taxpayers abroad – Publication 4732 for 2012 taxes*

Here is an access to IRS sites for information and questions on taxes for international taxpayers.  The site also includes link access to FATCA information available from the IRS and appears to be updated regularly.  There is also a link to receive updated information regularly if someone is so inclined.

We have received many queries wanting to know how to contact the local IRS person at the embassy.  Although there is someone stationed in the embassy, they are not personal tax experts and do not receive calls to answer tax questions.  Their role here is to interface with the Panamanian government on any tax issues between the two countries.   Personal income tax service is provided only in Frankfurt, London, Paris, and Beijing, due to the very large number of US Citizens living in those countries.  (745,000 in Great Britain, for example)

American Citizens Services Chief

Embassy Panama


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