Daily Archives: February 23, 2013


I just received an email from Tom McCormack. He will head back to the US in about two weeks.

He said that his current counts were 48 legs and 36 hands fitted at the cost to the individuals of $0.00.

When I lived and worked in the Washington D.C area, I remember one of my team members coming in one morning and telling of his previous evening’s trip home from work. If you have ever driven on the beltway in Washington DC, you know what a stressful place that is.

This was his story. He said on his way home his car overheated and died in the middle of traffic. He got out and was trying to push and maneuver his car to the right side of the road and out of traffic. Continue reading Amazing!

Being Cautious

I just got a email from a friend that had not replied to several of my recent emails. I had titled the last one “??”.

He replied to this email saying that he hadn’t opened my others because they came in different than normal and he was afraid it might be phishing or contain a virus. I can’t fault him for being cautious.

That was enough to make me think it is time to post another of my PC security advisories. In the day of the Internet, everyone is vulnerable. Here goes. Continue reading Being Cautious