Meeting Jane

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours in the company of two very interesting people. My good friend Malcolm Henderson, a local author from David, had invited me to meet with him and Jane Vasarhelyi, a local author from Boquete.

There was no real purpose for the meeting. Malcolm had just thought Jane and I should meet, since I had recently written about her book.

Jane is a delightful southern belle from Georgia and it was two hours that covered many topics, at least in my mind, and left me very energized. I always enjoy meeting people that have entered my life because of CC.

We discussed writing and for me, being the hack at the table, it was most informative. I would love to be able to spend some more time in a similar discussion understanding how a good author develops his/her story.

I am sure there are writers that are more like engineers. They have a methodology that they use and working though their methodology allows them to produce a book. There are others that are more like artists and just sit down in front of their canvas and their brush strokes almost magically create what others will enjoy.

We covered a little on character creation, changes in the world of writing and publishing, tools used, and a few tidbits of our past lives.

For me, being in the midst of truly interesting people is catalytic and that sets off a reaction in my mind that makes me want to do something. I am not sure what, just something. It is only after I ponder this for a while that I realize, I am doing something. I am living.

Each day I find that I am living a piece of the Chinese proverb, because I am living in interesting times. That is doing something.

I woke up at five this morning because that catalytic reaction was still going off in my mind and I had to put some of those disjointed thoughts down.

One of the things I picked up, that I was surprised about, was Jane’s strong opinion about Microsoft Windows 8. I distilled her reaction, to having the new operating system as the platform that she used to produce her art, as a pure disaster.

She disliked it to the point that she is even considering buying a copy of the previous operating system just to get Windows 8 off her laptop. I have always felt that Apple is a much better platform for artistic people. I know that more people use Apples for graphical work, but now I see that the changes Apple has made, make it more attractive to writers as well.

It is just a cleaner system. There are fewer distractions to take you away from what you are wanting to accomplish. I know the market has not been all that kind to Apple recently, but I think Apple will continue to grow and Microsoft will continue to stumble.

For a person like Jane, a PC is just a tool. I find myself moving more that direction each day. I want to cover more on topic, but I think it will be on another post.

Another of my disjointed thoughts, that arose from the meeting is a recurring thought I have about just being the people we are. Maybe you have never had some of the thoughts that sometimes run through my mind.

When you get down to basics, you and I are products it two people literally getting together, one providing the sperm and the other providing the egg. Now the difference between our being born into the linage of royalty or the offspring of drug addicted prostitute is pure chance.

That is why I have such a problem with people that carry an attitude on their shoulder that they are better than others. They were really just lucky. Now what you do after you get here is another thing. That determines the real importance of a person.

Another item I recognized is that we all have our babies. By that I mean the things that we are truly interested in. The things that we can criticize, but we really don’t want others to find fault with. One of my things is Chiriquí Chatter. I know it is not a work of art, but it is mine. I created it and it gives me enjoyment.

For Jane It might be her recent book, that I know she continues to polish. I know, because, even though it doesn’t show, I go back and try to polish some of the things I have written even years in the past, like some of my poems.

For others, it may be their charity, like Bid 4 Boquete. I am sure that those that support it consider it their baby and want only positive comments coming out about it.

For another it might be their plants in their garden that they nourish with love and affection.

Yes, yesterday afternoon was a fantastic time for me. Any time that energizes me to the point that I have more thoughts than the capacity to resolve them, gets me up at five in the morning with the need to record the memory, is a great time.

Well, the sun is starting to come up. Time to close this piece. What a great time I am having. Thanks for taking the time to let me share some of it with you.

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  1. Very insightful post – thanks for sharing. I hope to meet you someday when we move to the area. I’m really liking the people I’ve “met” online from David.

  2. James A. Michener – I liked his books and have read most of them. I believe his writing style may be consider as that of an engineer. Bet you remember “Texas”? Hawaii? etc.

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