Daily Archives: February 17, 2013

Do You Still Want to Learn?

Technology is wonderful. With today’s technology, you never have to stop learning. And the best part is you is you can learn from some universities around the world at no cost. No stress learning.

Think of it as auditing classes. You take the classes you are interested in, in the comfort of your own home. Now the way I am doing it is with iTunes University. This is another good reason to be using Apple technology.

When iTunes U came out, I briefly looked at it. However, now I have some things I would like to learn more about and I remembered seeing it.

You can receive the lectures on an iPad, iPod or iPhone, but If it is a video lecture, I am watching it on a large screen TV via Apple TV. That makes it almost like being in the class. At my age, I would be embarrassed to actually go back to college, but this way is fun.

I personally don’t think we ever get too old to learn. However, for me, I would like the learning to be structured and what better way than to use actual courses from a university.

If you want to try your hand on writing, there is a course on writing. I took some time today and listened to it since I sometimes think about writing more than a blog. If you are interested in astronomy, then there are classes on it too.

There are so many things I still have an interest in learning and what a wonderful medium I am rediscovering.