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For Sale By Owner in Santa Rosa

I received a request to post the following For Sale By Owner: As with all posts of this nature, it is your responsibility to do your own due diligence.

PERFECT PROPERTY FOR A RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT OR RESORT:  Located in the quiet township of Santa Rosa, just 23 minutes by car from Panama’s second largest city, David and 30 minutes from the Costa Rica border, this property is called “Dos Rios”, (“Two Rivers”), so named for the two abundant rivers that almost completely encircle the property with over 2.7 kilometers (1.7 miles) of riverfront.  Over 23 hectares (57 acres) of rolling green hills and pastures gently slope towards a ravine where the two rivers meet.  Here, at an altitude of over 700 meters (2300sf) is a lush tropical paradise with cool breezes where temperatures rarely exceed 23C (74F) even in the summer or dry season.  The rich black soil is a gardener’s delight affording abundant landscapes of orchids and fruit trees even in the wild.  Located just 13 kilometers (8 miles) from the Inter-American Highway, the property’s private entrance provides the peaceful serenity of nature, but all the while being close to everything.  In addition to all the plentiful amenities offered in David, you are only 15 minutes from the city of “La Conception”, where you can find a hospital, other medical clinics, most local banks, churches, supermarkets, hardware stores and schools.

As an added feature, with the building of the “Ruta Sur” or the Palmira  Highway currently under construction,  Santa Rosa will soon be laterally connected to the well-known resort areas of Boquete and Volcan, thus is poised to share their popularity.  Volcan will only be 15 minutes away and Boquete 25 minutes. Please contact Tanaa at US (512) 743-4143 ortanaa.frederic@gmail.com for more information.  $350,000

Waste Not – Want Not

IMG_0051One of the best things about Pineapples is how easy they are to grow. If you keep the top off a pineapple you just ate and have a area that can take another plant, then dig a hole and put it in.

In about 18 months to two years you will be rewarded with another pineapple. Just think over time you have cut your original cost in half. They don’t require much care and seem to be happy in the lousy soil we have in David.

IMG_0052Currently, we have around 25 plants in the ground, all at different stages. More are added every week.