Daily Archives: February 10, 2013

Chiriquí Watch – One more time.

It may be worth posting the link to Chiriquí Watch again and restating its purpose and what it can do.

The database maintained by Chiriquí Watch can be a very effective tool in recording and communicating all sorts of information related to Chiriquí.

Besides recording crimes it can be use to notify others of protests and highway blockages.

The product that Chiriquí Watch uses has been used effectively in other parts of the world.

I have tried to engage other similar motivated sites in Chiriquí to participate in Chiriquí Watch, but some feel that their information should be kept secret.

I on the other hand believe that information is power and the more that know about what is going in Chiriquí empowers everyone to be better prepared.

Anyone can enter information.

I am currently the only administrator. That is not by design.

I have no pride of ownership in this site, I just feel it is a needed tool to make everyone safer and wiser about what is happening in this province.

To see the actual site go HERE.

Carnival is On

This is the one holiday in Panama I enjoy avoiding.

I never forget in 2005, I was living in Boquete and was driving to David in the middle of Carnival.

It took me nearly 30 minutes to get through Dolega.

As I am sitting in the non-moving traffic, I look in my rearview mirror and notice that the driver of the car behind me was standing behind my car.

I then realized, by the enormous grin on his face, that he was peeing on the back of my car.

That is a “Welcome to Carnival – Gringo” moment that will never leave my mind.

Babies: People who wield disproportionate power, considering they can’t even speak the language.