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IMG_0024UPDATE January 2014: Happy Pet has moved. See new post for location.

The other day Koki was not well. We took her to our regular vet and he was out and would not return for over an hour. Not the first time this has happened.

I have had several recommendations lately about a new veterinary clinic in David and decided the time was right to get to know it.

It is always good to know more than one specialist in anything in Panama because often your first choice will not be available.

IMG_0025To say that I was impressed with Happy Pet would be an understatement. Two doctors were available. One spoke perfect English. Both spoke Spanish and Portuguese.

They were able to take a blood test and had the results in seconds. First class equipment and first class treatment.

Happy Pet will now be my primary caretaker for Koki. My old vet will now be my backup.

Here is a Google Map for Happy Pet.

If you happen to stop in Happy Pet, tell them you learned of them through Chiriquí Chatter.

24 thoughts on “Happy Pet

  1. They’re great. They’ve patched up two of my dogs that were pretty bad off. Very reasonable prices too.

  2. We have been here 8 years and have used 5 different vets, including Dr. Sam and Dra. Pat. HANDS DOWN they are the best, They may be the best in Panama, I know that is a very strong statement, but their knowledge and work make that a very plausible statement. Our experience with vets has been from quack on up…….

  3. Two paws up for Happy Pet! When a stray street dog limped into my yard with a broken leg that’s where I took her. Excellent care, reasonable prices.

  4. Cookie, the stray who adopted us and our landlords last October needed to be spayed when she came to us. Heather at Animales de Boquete took us to Dr. Sam and Dr. Patricia at Happy Pet. We were impressed with the sophistication of their equipment and with their knowledge and professionalism.

    When Cookie got bit by a very poisonous spider last month, we took her immediately to Happy Pet. They hospitalized her and gave her IV treatments for four days, then pills and ointment and instructions on how we could treat her at home. She is recovering and tissue is regrowing. We think they may well have saved her leg, and maybe even her life. Hands down, the best vets we have ever known.

  5. We won’t take our pets anywhere else except Happy Pets. Love those Vets! They are the first Vets here in Panama that keep records! Their combined knowledge of domestic pets is better than any other Vet we have been to. They also are wonderfully caring, empathetic, and gentle with our dogs.

  6. We will add our testimony too. They ARE the best and so dedicated that they even did an emergency surgery on New Year’s Eve for us once. The main thing is they have been consistently great for 3 or 4 years? Time does fly!

  7. Drs. Patricia and Samuel are the Best. They have been my Dogs and cat’s Vets since they were located in Coquito. Simply loved them. They have attended to my pets at home,during the night,several times when I needed them the most. Patricia did a wonderful hernia surgery on my cat last year and Ms.Kittie could not be happier.

  8. I have a non medical question. I have a Shih Tzu that needs to be cut every 3 weeks. My current Vet, also has a grooming service. Any chance?

  9. Anyone know if they will do a checkup for a parrot. We have a parrot who just turned about 1 year old. We thought she might need a checkup of some kind just to make sure she’s healthy.

  10. Lamentablemente eh escuchado que la remuneración $$ que reciben los colaboradores del hospital no es siquiera lo establecido como salario base según la ley!
    Ojo con esto!

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