Daily Archives: February 4, 2013

A Couple Restaurant Updates

I thought I might share a couple recent restaurant experiences.

The first is The Branding Iron. I have eaten there twice that I didn’t write up. On the next to last trip there, I noticed that the prices had gone up. The posted jublilado discount had also changed. Originally it was 15% and I never asked for it because the meal was so cheap.

Now the discount is 25% and the price assumes that it will be asked for. Also on that trip, my chicken fried steak was not up the the standard I had come to expect. Neil was not there and I decided not to post it.

DSC00732Last Friday I ate there again and the photo is for that day. The meal was acceptable, but still not as good and again Neil was not there. The meat was fine, but the flavor lacked something or the cooking oil was adding something. It is still a place I would eat at if I were there and it was mealtime, however, in the past I would have considered driving there just to get the CFS and would not now.

DSC00734DSC00733My next experience is for Papine’s Pizza. Saturday, I ordered a three cheese pizza to go. The owner that had cooked my first pizza was not there. I got this one to go. It was better the second day than the first day. I think the crust needed to be cooked longer, which I did the second day.

Now in fairness, it was at noon and everyone else was ordering the comida del diá. They may have had to heat the oven up just for me and maybe the real time to order a pizza is in the evening, when pizza would be the primary order.

The pizza was OK and I will try it again, but I am not as enthusiastic as I was on my first outing. The next Pizza will be the real test.