I had A Revelation

When I had lunch today, I had a startling revelation. I was in the process of taking another bite of the fried chicken I had purchased and it hit me.

I don’t know about you, but I think fewer personal wishes are being granted today than when I was a kid. I remember thinking I wish this or I wish that (always silent wishes) and sometime in the future I would realize that my wish had been granted.

You feel that way too huh. It was my chicken that gave me the answer as to why this situation has changed.

Now follow me on this. When you were a kid and there was fried chicken put on the plate were you the first to sit down so you could grab the wishbone? As a kid, I don’t ever remember not being one of the people that got to make a wish.

Remember, you would hold one end of the wishbone and someone else would hold the other end. You both would make a mental wish and then slowly pull the wishbone apart.

I didn’t always get the right piece of the broken wishbone. In fact now I don’t even remember whether it was the long or short piece that was to get his wish. It was a special time of every fried chicken dinner.

Now move forward in time. At some point, since I was a kid, the wishbone disappeared. The way they cut the chicken, in all of the fast food chicken places today, there is no wishbone. How do they expect people to have a chance to have a granted wish without a wishbone.

Sometimes I wonder what makes my mind work, but you are going to have to admit that today’s revelation is on target.

9 thoughts on “I had A Revelation

  1. I personally don’t know what to think. I think you are a very sick man. Your sense of humor is sick, sick, sick. Keep up the good work Don I absolutely love your sick sense of humor. I always thought that I was the sick one. Now I realize there are other sick people out there. Hip, hip, hooray.

  2. Growing up in Sweden in the 40`s , 50s, chicken was very expensive…a family restaurant we used to frequent had “dinners” for Skr 5.50 including butter and bread…”chicken Skr 1.50 extra ” ! nowadays chicken is probably the cheapest thing you can get on most menus

  3. Super piece of creative writing Don! You should keep it for your book of the best of your blogging. Thank Mother Nature she created exceptions like you. How boring life would be without you odd balls.

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