Daily Archives: February 3, 2013

I had A Revelation

When I had lunch today, I had a startling revelation. I was in the process of taking another bite of the fried chicken I had purchased and it hit me.

I don’t know about you, but I think fewer personal wishes are being granted today than when I was a kid. I remember thinking I wish this or I wish that (always silent wishes) and sometime in the future I would realize that my wish had been granted.

You feel that way too huh. It was my chicken that gave me the answer as to why this situation has changed.

Now follow me on this. When you were a kid and there was fried chicken put on the plate were you the first to sit down so you could grab the wishbone? As a kid, I don’t ever remember not being one of the people that got to make a wish.

Remember, you would hold one end of the wishbone and someone else would hold the other end. You both would make a mental wish and then slowly pull the wishbone apart.

I didn’t always get the right piece of the broken wishbone. In fact now I don’t even remember whether it was the long or short piece that was to get his wish. It was a special time of every fried chicken dinner.

Now move forward in time. At some point, since I was a kid, the wishbone disappeared. The way they cut the chicken, in all of the fast food chicken places today, there is no wishbone. How do they expect people to have a chance to have a granted wish without a wishbone.

Sometimes I wonder what makes my mind work, but you are going to have to admit that today’s revelation is on target.

Buenos Vecinos de Boquete

I received an invitation to join Trish and Brian Christofferson on their monthly round to deliver food assistance to some of the needy in the Potrerillos area. This activity is funded and sponsored by Buenos Vecinos de Boquete. Funding comes from concerned individuals like CC’s readership and Bid for Boquete.

I arrive at their house at 8:30 with camera in hand and batteries charged (mine and the camera’s).

There are certain activities that I like better than others and people helping people ranks at the top of my like list.

Four of us headed out Friday morning, Trish, Brian, myself and Nino, who is a Panamanian neighbor that insures that no communication gets lost with the clients. While Trish and Brian’s Spanish is better than mine, it is always good to be armed with one fluent in local culture and idiom.

We went in Brian’s 4×4. The families that are receiving these food donations live in areas that some sedans would never be able to go.

As a side note, I am sure you know that clicking on any photo will enlarge it.

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Super Bowl Today

I had a friend write me an email and ask if I was going to watch the Super Bowl. I had forgotten that today was the Super Bowl. That shows how I have really tuned out the rest of the world.

I swear that if I don’t put something on my calendar, with a reminder that is going to pop up, I will forget eat. I set an alarm to go off every Sunday at 9:00 AM to wind the clocks. The hands are at the right spot so they don’t cover the key holes.

If I get to doing something, the rest of the world is absolutely tuned out. People talk and I don’t hear them.

If Koki wants to go outside, she knows that I will not notice her unless she comes up and puts both feet on my knee and looks at me with those pleading eyes. I am becoming reactionary instead of proactive.

I do, however, remember to put all important things on my calendar with an appropriate amount of warning time. I have become completely dependent on automation. That is why I was lost for the entire time my iPhone was missing.

Now why was it that I started this post? See, I have already forgotten. Damn, I hope I set an alarm.