So Here is the Poll Question

¨Do you still read Panama Guide now that it is a paid site?”

My answer is I still have it on my RSS reader and if I see anything of interest, I go look for it in the original source publications. I was personally very disappointed when Panama Guide changed its format.

My allowance doesn’t allow for paying for someone to translate an article from Spanish to English. If I need the english, I just look in the CC link area for the Spanish sources that are connected to Google. The link area heading is Panama News – English Translation.

It is the poor-man’s substitute.

19 thoughts on “So Here is the Poll Question

  1. I no longer read Panama Guide, and rarely did before Winner went the pay route. Why pay for something you can read on your own in the original — and without having to endure Winner’s profanity, poor writing/grammar, endless self-promotion, delusions of grandeur, and generally conservative spin? He’s probably regretting deciding to make readers pay for his peculiar brand of amateurish “journalism.” Additionally, I think it’s bad practice to reward someone who without permission uses others’ work for his own profit. Essentially, Winner’s a parasite, and I’m surprised that the Panamanian media upon which he preys haven’t sued him for continually breaking fair use and copyright laws.

  2. Don¨t mind paying $20 a year. Lots of good info and you don¨to have to read all the }
    newspapers and watch tv news to get what is of interest. Happy to have Don
    filtering out the uninteresting.

  3. I tried the Panama News – English translation and all I get is info on US Gov’t. Is it me or my computer?

  4. Morning,
    I rarely read Panama Guide, I don’t want anyone “cherry picking” what is important. I browse El Informe for Chiriqui news and several of the Panama City online papers. It helps me practice my Spanish and if I get stuck, Google translate does fairly well or I ask Nena for explanation.
    I am assuming the newly required pay-for-reading is a result of insufficient ad revenue?

  5. Nope. It was only an occasional read before the charge was added. For me, it didn’t seem to be worth paying for.

  6. I will not pay for what is posted in spanish and he translates to english. I can translate it myself/goggle translate for free. Its a shame as I used to read it a few times a week. Now I do not have it in my budget for pay for free news.

  7. I agree 100% with Don, why pay for something that you can get for FREE from the local TV networks and online newspapers.

  8. i know many folks retire in Panama. We are all getting there in age and have medical issues etc Can someone point to a link or some thoughts on taking care of a sick spouse when one sees the end coming. Lot of emotions and a very difficult time ahead when it becomes difficult to let the loved one go.
    I am sorry that this comment is not related to the topic.

    Regards and God bless


  9. Agree with Bill Pilgrim completely. I paid the $20 and have regretted it ever since – I definitely will NOT be renewing. A journalist should be able to “use his words” and not incessant profanity to convey a message. Winner used to have the “headlines” posted by about 10 AM – now I am lucky to see the news by 4 PM. I’m retired, I like my news first thing in the morning now!!! I’ll start reading (with translate assist) my news from the sources. I can only guess what I have been missing by going only with “headlines” – plus I need to do better with my slowly developing Spanish skills!!!

  10. Don Winner is a joke, steals other outlets ‘news”, translates it, then ads his biased remarks. Why pay him?
    Also, noticed the news slowed to a “snails pace” when he received the first subscriptions, that should tell you something?
    See he is now looking for “free digs” for his family for the Carnivals….

  11. Done Wiener (intentionally misspelled) has all the ethics of a Tammany Hall politician. I used to check out Panama Guide every once in a while when I was REALLY bored. One day, about a year and a half ago, he ran a story about a friend of mine, the late Frank Hilson, who made a huge donation to the VFW chapter in PC. Low and behold, the photo he ran with the story was one I had taken and had posted on my blog!

    Wiener always had the caveat on his stories that anyone could use them if they gave him attribution. Of course I immediately emailed the toad and insisted he either give a credit for the photo or remove it. There was a little back and forth and finally he did add, “Photo by…” And then when Frank died a few months later he ran the photo a second time but it did have the “Photo by…” tag.

    Done Wiener is nothing but a self-aggrandizing shill for whatever shady snake-oil seller is willing to slip him a little something in an unmarked envelope, and if you listen to him, he is single-handedly responsible for the capture of “Wild Bill” Holbert. I wouldn’t pay Wiener 20 cents, let alone 20 dollars for his badly-translated trash.

  12. I have similar viewpoints as Billy Pilgrim and Susan Beatty above. About 3 or 4 years ago (can’t recall exactly), a $20 annual subscription to Panama Guide (PG) was offered, promising premium content. I paid the subscription. But, that subscription offer and premium content faded away shortly thereafter. I’ve come to learn that most of the news posted (except where he was personally involved) is readily available online for free. I also got tired of the “habitual profanity” (does the use of the “F” word several times in an online article make a statement more powerful or professional…or is it because of a limited vocabulary?) and Mr. Winner’s frequently expressed sense of self-worth (a little too full of himself). I haven’t looked at PG for 3 or 4 months (can’t remember exactly) when Mr. Winner announced the paid subscription.

    To Mr. Winner’s credit…the one piece of coverage I seriously followed was his coverage of (and participation in) the search for and capture of Wild Bill the serial killer.

    Other than that…no mas no mas. Best of luck to Mr. Winner and PG.

  13. I have alot of respect for the guy. He has helped me in the past. Lately he is a little tough to deal with. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder towards whatever. Who knows whats in his mind. We all have our problems and am sure he has his. I will continue to subscribe to his new paid blog. The guy has ability and intelligence. His bedside manner is a little difficult though.

  14. Donnie loved releasing statistics how his readership is rising always rising. I will bet my old dog you will never see anymore stats on Donnie’s readership. If he got 400 payors I would be surprised greatly. His arrogance will be his demise, my prediction. Best of luck Donnie. O I forgot “luck is for losers” sorry!

  15. nope. was handy for the colon riot coverage, but other than that… i translate prensa for most of my PC news. i refuse to pay!

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