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Parmigiano Restaurante & Pizzeria


I mentioned in a previous post there was a new restaurant I wanted to try.

We have now visited Parmigiano’s twice. I am pleased to say that I like it.

It has about 5 tables inside the air conditioned area and they have areas setup out side as well.

The outside areas are tent covered areas and it will be interesting to see how that works when the rainy season gets here.

Here is a photo of your hosts. On the left is the lovely Veronica. On the right is the chef, Piero. Many in Volcan know Veronica and Piero from the restaurant they had there (El Forno).


In the photo gallery at the end are the photos of all the meals that were sampled as well as the menu. I especially enjoyed my spaghetti pasta selection. I forget the name, but it includes anchovies. For me, they left the anchovies off at my request. Continue reading Parmigiano Restaurante & Pizzeria

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of this meeting.

Why I am Loving My Apple Environment

I mentioned in a previous post that I like using Apple much more than when I was using Microsoft. I am going to tell you what is making the difference for me.

When I only had one intelligent device (PC at that time), the manufacture didn’t make much difference. Microsoft, Apple, or Linux all accomplished what I needed to do and I could have used any of them and did.

The next thing that happened was that cell phones became more intelligent and shared contact information with the PC. I maintained all my contacts on the PC and transferred it to the cell phone.

I started out with a Nokia cell phone and it had to be tethered to the PC to update and share contacts.

Then a couple years ago I bought an iPad and synced my PC contacts with my iPad. It worked pretty well because of Apple, and in spite of Microsoft. Still I fought with my cell to keep it synced with the PC contacts. The Nokia software eventually quit working. Continue reading Why I am Loving My Apple Environment

“Doctor! Doctor! I think I’m a smoke detector.” “Calm down. There’s no cause for alarm.”

International tax payer information and registration for FATCA information

This information was not sent out as an ACS advisory, but I felt it may benefit some, so I am going to post it.       Tax Guide for US Citizens abroad – Publication 54 for 2012 taxes    IRS Information for US Taxpayers abroad – Publication 4732 for 2012 taxes*

Here is an access to IRS sites for information and questions on taxes for international taxpayers.  The site also includes link access to FATCA information available from the IRS and appears to be updated regularly.  There is also a link to receive updated information regularly if someone is so inclined.

We have received many queries wanting to know how to contact the local IRS person at the embassy.  Although there is someone stationed in the embassy, they are not personal tax experts and do not receive calls to answer tax questions.  Their role here is to interface with the Panamanian government on any tax issues between the two countries.   Personal income tax service is provided only in Frankfurt, London, Paris, and Beijing, due to the very large number of US Citizens living in those countries.  (745,000 in Great Britain, for example)

American Citizens Services Chief

Embassy Panama


This email is UNCLASSIFIED.

Women are like police. They have all the evidence in the world against you but they still ask for your confession.


I have just realized another reason I prefer reading a book on my iPad instead of in paperback or hardback form.

It is WORDS!

I guess I never read the way some people read, with a dictionary in one hand and the book in the other.

I never took the time to look a word up in the dictionary when I was reading a book. If I hit a word I didn’t know, I would ignore it and get the meaning of what was being written by the surrounding sentences that had words I understood.

Had I not been so lazy, maybe my vocabulary would be better now and maybe my spelling too. Thank goodness for spell checkers.

Back to “words” and the iPad. When I am reading a book on the iPad, it is simple and quick to tap on the word and a define option appears. I tap on “define” and a nice window pops up and I am no longer wondering what the word meant.

I suspect it it may be the same with the Kindle as well, but since my Kindle reader is an Apple app, I can’t be sure.

I am reading a book by Stephen King (On Writing) and have hit the define request several times. I got my copy from the iBook store, but the link I gave you was to Amazon. I buy my books from Apple if the prices are the same.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the last verbally challenged reader out there.

In a previous post I mentioned another reason I enjoyed reading using this medium, that being able to crank up the font size.

Well, I am going back to the book, but since I had this revelation, I thought I would share it with you.

I’m not against half naked girls – at least not as often as I’d like to be.