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I’ve been up all night interrogating an egg… I think he’s about to crack.

David Parking Cards

It has been a while since I posted anything about the system used in David for parking spaces. You are going to need to understand the system or you will get a ticket.

If you don’t know about David Parking Cards, you can read my previous post.

The parking ticket is only a dollar, but it is much less hassle to just buy a stack of cards and leave them in your car than to have to go pay it.

Taller Salvador Re-Visited

Yesterday, I went to Taller Salvador to have some tailpipe repair done. The little Terios I drive started sounding like a semi on Wednesday. Part of the exhaust system had separated from the muffler and the end of the tailpipe behind the muffler had started to decompose.

This requited removing two different pieces of the tail pipe and forming two new pieces.

There was two other vehicles ahead of me when I arrived. I sat down and had a long conversation with a local taxi driver (Joel). This is one of the benefits of learning at least a little conversational Spanish. You can converse with more locals.

Joel was a very interesting person. He had been driving a taxi in David for the last 9 years, but he said in April, he was quitting and moving to Panama City to work as a truck driver for the new subway construction.

He said that the life of a Taxi driver in David had gotten too tough. Too many taxis. I agree. You drive down town and there are 5 taxis for every non-taxi, it seems to me.

By the way, I asked him the normal fee from the airport to a hotel and he said it is $3.00/person, so if your airport taxi is asking for more, he is giving himself a tip.

Joel did brag on Taller Salvador. He said there are at least three shops that do this sort of work in David, but he said Salvador is the best. We talked for at least an hour. and I had a great time.

While I was waiting, I also met two individuals from the Lost and Found Lodge. Who know, maybe I will up their way and take some photos one of these days.

I didn’t take any photos this time of the work being done, but you can see some of my photos when I was at Salvador’s in 2009. Based on the old photos, I got a lot more tailpipe for $22 in 2009. This time I got two sections of about 18 inched each for $22. Actual time to fix the car after he started was less than 30 minutes.

DSC00694I did get a photo showing that this is a real mechanic’s workshop. Obviously they are overworked because they haven’t had time to get a 2013 calendar. Continue reading Taller Salvador Re-Visited

Ever notice when people reach a certain age they repeat everything they say? They repeat everything they say.

Santa Did OK!

Last August I was in Galería Porto Fino and saw some potential Christmas Gifts.

IMG_0295IMG_0296I was back again in November and noticed two more items had been added that I thought Santa might consider as well. I thought I had posted the photos, but I guess that was just another post that got done in my mind, but not on the blog.



IMG_0007IMG_0008This morning I received an email from Susan that Santa had indeed chosen the donut maker for Sofia and this morning Sofia had made her first donuts. Que Alegria!

Susan said that Sofia wanted me to tell santa that he did an outstanding job in choosing her gift.

Sofia, I have notified him and he was pleased to see the results.

I stopped by and saw Melissa at Galería Porto Fino today and showed her the photos. She said it was a good thing Santa got the donut maker when he did, because currently she didn’t have any more.

The jolly ole fellow with the white beard and big belly did OK!

The Cavalry Has Arrived

This post is to notify you that Sharon Sample applied to assist the David area as an Alternate Warden for the U.S. Embassy in Panama City.

I just received an email from Sharon, stating that she had received the introduction letters from the U.S. Embassy. These letters opens some doors that are otherwise closed.

Sharon lives in La Barqueta. I appreciate her volunteering. While it will still be more convenient for me to do many things because of my location, I now feel that we are much better covered if I am sick, on vacation, too many things are happening, or it is more convenient for Sharon due to her location.

Sharon is a personal friend and I couldn’t be happier with the Embassy’s selection.

Thanks Sharon and welcome aboard.

Apple TV

I may have mentioned that I purchased an Apple TV from the Apple refurbish store.

I had it brought to me by a friend from the US. I have finally gotten to play with it and I am very impressed. At $85, it is a real bargain. It is $109 if bought at one of the local stores such as PanaFoto or PriceSmart.

The connection to the TV is via an HDMI cable so it does require a newer TV that allows HDMI inputs. It will connect to the Internet either by ethernet or by wireless. Mine is close to my router, so I am using an ethernet cable.

My connection to the Internet is with Cable Onda. My service is supposed to be 4GB, but is not always at the contracted speed. However, it is normally good enough to stream movies without having too many interruptions. Continue reading Apple TV

Would you mind repeating the part where you weren’t talking?