1961 Karman Ghia

IMG_0009The other day, after visiting with Melissa, I noticed this 1962 Karman Ghia parked in front of the July Sports Center.

I was in college in 1961 and this was one of the cars I would have loved to have had. I always thought it was neat looking.

This one was driven here from Costa Rica. Inside the seats looked just like new as did the rest of the interior.


6 thoughts on “1961 Karman Ghia

  1. There’s a red one up here in the highlands. Great cars. I double-dated to the high school prom in the back seat. At 6’3″ I could have had more legroom 🙂
    That green one looks like a clean machine!

  2. the convertibles are great…and to really get a nice ‘look’ of the car , eliminate the bumpers, just add in some chrome uprights!

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