The Cavalry Has Arrived

This post is to notify you that Sharon Sample applied to assist the David area as an Alternate Warden for the U.S. Embassy in Panama City.

I just received an email from Sharon, stating that she had received the introduction letters from the U.S. Embassy. These letters opens some doors that are otherwise closed.

Sharon lives in La Barqueta. I appreciate her volunteering. While it will still be more convenient for me to do many things because of my location, I now feel that we are much better covered if I am sick, on vacation, too many things are happening, or it is more convenient for Sharon due to her location.

Sharon is a personal friend and I couldn’t be happier with the Embassy’s selection.

Thanks Sharon and welcome aboard.

4 thoughts on “The Cavalry Has Arrived

  1. Happy for you Don, you had too much on the table!!!
    Congratulations to Sharon and you get to work with the nicest guy in Panama.

  2. Great. Is it considered appropriate for a volunteer warden to use their status with their religion intertwined? This happened to us insofar as we were promised a contact back, personal visit, which has apparently disappeared after I questioned why he would bring up doing God’s work in a simple meet and greet about his duties. There is far too much religiousity going on in cliques around here, with SDA and “bible thumpers” as it is (I don’t do it, and I have a religious degree and was a minister of meaphysics for years).

  3. Hi Don Ray, Thanks for your warm welcome and endorsement! It would be a great accomplishment if I could reach the level of your shadow. You do so much more than anyone could imagine for the Americans in our area, kudos to you sir! For those wishing to make contact my email is

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