Santa Did OK!

Last August I was in Galería Porto Fino and saw some potential Christmas Gifts.

IMG_0295IMG_0296I was back again in November and noticed two more items had been added that I thought Santa might consider as well. I thought I had posted the photos, but I guess that was just another post that got done in my mind, but not on the blog.



IMG_0007IMG_0008This morning I received an email from Susan that Santa had indeed chosen the donut maker for Sofia and this morning Sofia had made her first donuts. Que Alegria!

Susan said that Sofia wanted me to tell santa that he did an outstanding job in choosing her gift.

Sofia, I have notified him and he was pleased to see the results.

I stopped by and saw Melissa at Galería Porto Fino today and showed her the photos. She said it was a good thing Santa got the donut maker when he did, because currently she didn’t have any more.

The jolly ole fellow with the white beard and big belly did OK!

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