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I may have mentioned that I purchased an Apple TV from the Apple refurbish store.

I had it brought to me by a friend from the US. I have finally gotten to play with it and I am very impressed. At $85, it is a real bargain. It is $109 if bought at one of the local stores such as PanaFoto or PriceSmart.

The connection to the TV is via an HDMI cable so it does require a newer TV that allows HDMI inputs. It will connect to the Internet either by ethernet or by wireless. Mine is close to my router, so I am using an ethernet cable.

My connection to the Internet is with Cable Onda. My service is supposed to be 4GB, but is not always at the contracted speed. However, it is normally good enough to stream movies without having too many interruptions.

One of the best things is being able to watch YouTube videos on a large screen. I typically use Google to research products and other things of interest, but you may not know that YouTube is another good source. With the recent blog problems, I watched a lot of YouTube videos on WordPress. I also used it to watch videos on replacing my hard drive on my Mac Mini.

Lilliam’s daughter lives and works in Shanghai. The other day, I spent several hours touring Shanghai via YouTube. I didn’t know it, but there are also some full length movies on YouTube.

Of course one of the best things is to be able to listen to music on large speakers and not off headphones. I am sure some of the other small boxes that Apple TV competes with have similar capabilities, but if you have other Apple products, then Apple TV makes more sense.

I can watch photos that are on my iPad or iPhone on the TV as well. it makes all the difference. My iPad is the original and is not supposed to have AirPlay, which transmits to the Apple TV, however, I have found that it still works. That was a pleasant surprise.

My Mac Mini does not support AirPlay, but that is no real problem except that I used to be able to watch HULU for free. Now I will have to subscribe to Hulu Plus and may consider it. NetFlix is another source of entertainment on the Apple TV. There is a 30 day trial and I am going to exercise that too when I am sure I have 30 days that it can really be exercised.

Apple TV. I am enjoying it much more than I thought it would.

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  1. I love my Apple TV. You can download the Remote app and then use your iphone or ipad as your remote control…..much easier, especially for searching as you will have the use of the keyboard. Netflix is great addition for $8 a month.

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