Apple to Use DNA Storage?

I had a reader send me this article. I can see Steve Job’s wheels turning, from above, thinking how to put this into a product to revolutionize the world around us.

One thought on “Apple to Use DNA Storage?

  1. Interesting. I have CADASIL, a malformation of the notch 3 gene on the 19th chromosome, which leads to multiple ischemic strokes at a young age, to early death with lots of pretty things in between. The authorities are now saying 10-40% of multiple sclerosis cases are actually CADASIL. Things like this could speed up the diagnostic process, although I am sure it could be used malevolently too.

    Since the last book I ordered from Apple never loaded and they failed to respond to multiple requests for help or a refund… well… what if they code us wrongly? Scary! It is nigh impossible to remove bad info from med records as it is!

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